Sunday, March 3, 2019

Roy Williams-North Carolina Coach Collapses against Clemson

Right away this story reminds me of 2016 when VIRGINIA Cavalier coach Tony Bennett collapsed against Hampton. The game he collapsed in was played in North Carolina.  
Think how Virginia has been really important to this coding and in connection to Duke. 
UNC lost in the championship game the same year Bennett collapsed. 
Zion Williamson's shoe blows out against North Carolina..
This story happens 152 days before Roy Williams bday on 8/1. 
Duke Blue Devils=152
North Carolina wins the game with 81 points. 

Thinking about collapses as well in regards to all I have mentioned about Bridges and the number 81. 

Williams also collapsed in 2016 in a game against Boston College? This new story happens just before UNC plays Boston College. 

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  1. it was just a year or two ago that UNC won March Madness on the 93rd day of the year with their 33rd win of the season. Has to be a connection to that championship since it's 3/3