Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The song "Paint it Black" and the possible connection to Blackface

My friend at band practice tonight was playing Paint it Black just before we started. I wondered to myself if it's important to the Blackface stuff considering the title of the song. Plus Maroon 5 doing the Super Bowl halftime and the song Moves Like Jagger.....Just want to document about it so I don't forget. 
It's on the album called After-MATH which is interesting too. 


  1. More clues with this Mandy Moore stuff. her co star is from Anaheim...

  2. Anaheim Ducks = 215 rev ordinal
    Anaheim = 51 ord, 77 FB
    Mars = 51 ord, 77 FB

  3. It's funny that I haven't looked at your blog in a few days, and the first post I see was a song I heard at work tonight. I was really focused on the song because some of the lyrics sounded interesting.