Sunday, March 24, 2019

Franciscan Order founded on February 24th 810 years ago, D-Generation X founded on 8/11 and my 2014 video-Robin Williams-Triple H Golden Gate

I saw Zach blogged about this person's channel in regards to Robin Williams and August 11th. I watched another one of their videos and they called into the Gematria Effect saying the Franciscan Order began 810 years ago on 2/24. 
Just how fitting to what I have been saying...
2/24 the day that leaves 310 days in the year. 
Roderick George Toombs=224(Roddy Piper)
The Japanese guy who won the Royal Rumble in 2018 born on 2/24. 
The Society of Jesus=224

Funny too I was trying to find my old videos about Robin Williams in 2014 in regards to the Terry Gilliam film  I saw this old video where I mention August 11th. 
Think about how Triple H is important to San Francisco. Remember when Rousey joined she fought Triple H and Stephanie McMahon because of Wrestlemania 31. In WM 31 Triple H was the Terminator and they showed the scene on the Golden Gate Bridge of the car wreck. 
Anyway D-Generation X was founded on August 11th. 

Remember D-Generation X came back in 2018 for the Crown Jewel which was also Hulk Hogan's comeback too. He hadn't been there since 2015 around the same time Roddy Piper died which is why Rousey is important too. 
Notice D-Generation X announced the comeback on 10/8 or 8/10 as well. 

D-Generation X also is being inducted info the Hall of Fame this year in 2019. 

It's really fitting for the Haile Selassie stuff too, because what I've documented with Triple H(888) is that Jesus in Greek Isosephy is 888. Also Daniel Bryan who looks like the White Jesus said he wanted to Wrestle Jesus. 
Bryan the current WWE Champion. 


  1. Great work again, thanks. The "Artists for Grenfell" also recorded the song "Bridge over Troubled Water" to raise money for the Grenfell Fire. The song was released June 21, 2017. Grenfell fire happened June 14, 2017 on Trumps birthday also Flag day.

  2. Just noticed this. Peter Pan = 491 the 94th prime. I was talking about it in relation to Uranus. Peter Pan also = 95 ordinal like Sirius and Halloween. First day I've had off in a while. See what I can come up with

  3. I really don't like to take this kinda route but Uranus = 491 greek isopsephy. Uranus... Peter..... dam

  4. Dustin Hoffman turns 30003 days old on 8/11. He was born 50 days after J.M. Barrie died. "Drowning" an appropriate way for a pirate to go. J.M. Barrie died of "pneumonia" = 585 ext

  5. Sirius code man. Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman born 5095 days apart. Sirius = 595 greek isopsephy. Pirates = 34 reduced. 595 the 34th triangular. Pirates = 88 ordinal. Hoffman born 8/8. Called into Zachs show last week and mentioned Meet the Parents. Ben stiller gets on the plane and says bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb. He's a "Focker". It was a Fokker that crashed in Sao Paulo on Halloween 1996 the same day the current Ethiopian flag was adopted

  6. Greg Focker = 95 ordinal, 59 reduced

    1. Great comments. "Crazy Eights" = 141 eng. ord. 811 the 141st prime. 8x11=88. I'm thinking the solar/lunar Analemma is very important in all of this and the dates that go along with it. Lots to learn here.

  7. Ben Stiller born 11/30/1965. Turned 53 the day Bush Sr died at the age of 94. November = 94 ordinal. November Thirtieth = 94 reduced. Luke Perry and Co. die 3/4/2019. 94 days later. Derek the gematrinator talks about that day a ton because "November Thirtieth" = 1331 Jewish. Eclipse code and all that magic

  8. Watching UNC game. Guy with Pink shoes just hit two threes

  9. Wierd foul with 12:17 left. 737 minutes.... Boeing 737. Guy busted his lip but doesnt even look like his lip was touched