Friday, March 15, 2019

Full House episode 135 about Cheating and School-My old video about the 88th Full House Episode has a 310 in it-Leon Robinson Above the Rim-810 mile San Andreas Fault

There's an episode of Full House in which Jesse and Rebecca try to cheat their twins into Preschool. 
Notice it's the 135th episode on Full House. 
Rebecca Donaldson=135
Golden Gate Bridge=135
Loughlin and Huffman bdays are 135 days apart. 
James Van Der Beek=135

I see that the word "Cheater"=312(eng ext) as well. 
Cheaters=412(eng ext)
Just posting so I don't forget as 412 was important to the Valentine, Nebraska Earthquakes. 

The Preschool episode aired 183 days before Loughlin's bday. 
Becky Katsopolis=183

Looking at Fuller House again I see that the last season of episodes aired on 12/14/18. It was 88 days before this incident involving Lori Loughlin. 
Remember the 88th episode of Full House is called "Fuller House". 
It was also season 4 episode 20 and they announced Fuller House to be on Netflix on 4/20...2015. 
Think how Marijuana is all about 88 too(420). 

Once again we are getting this story because it's connected to my 2015 information/videos. A big piece with this was all to do with the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. 

How funny that the video where I talk about the 88th episode, I also talk about "Above the Rim"...the film with LEON Robinson who I just blogged about last night. 
I even thought to myself that something must be important to Above the Rim, but just didn't mention it as I was talking about a Duck theme that I didn't see how it fit. 
Remember the film is about the kid who is trying to go to Georgetown to play basketball. 
Think about how I've recently mentioned Allen Iverson....also Jamaica is important because Patrick Ewing(Georgetown) is from Jamaica. 
All of these things I mentioned in 2015. 

The main character in the film Above the Rim is played by Duane Martin...notice his bday of 8/11 too. 

So I'm watching that old video right now. Notice how I talked about Garfield Season 3 episode 10 called Quack to the Future....I mean this is what I'm saying when I say I don't think we have Free Will. Everything I've ever done is seemingly not even me doing it...or it all happened for a reason because everything in our lives are pre-planned. Even me discovering this right now is supposed to happen. 
So anyway....think about this episode....Back to the Future and the 88's.....Quack(Duck Theme)...also 310. 
The episode talks about an OIL SPILL too....I wonder if something of the sort will be happening soon? Or something to do with Oil? 
Maybe this is why Time and Time Travel are so important to this knowledge as well. 
You can discover new knowledge from understanding the patterns of the past. 
Maybe you can manipulate the Future, by understanding the code of the past? 

Another thing I mentioned in the video is how the 88th episode called "Fuller House" came out on 2/22. 
Becky Katsopolis=222
August 10th the 222nd day. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Hermes Tristmegistus Feast Day leaves 222 days(5/23). 
Remember how Hermes is Mercury which has the 88 day orbital period and so on..
The last episode of Full House aired on 5/23 as well. 
An important number I have talked about for a number of years. Before I even knew how Gematria was coded to the media I mentioned how V is the 22nd letter and when you do the Peace sign it's a 222 and stuff like that. It was really important way back...a lot of stuff with Russell "Triple Double" Westbrook and 222 as well which is interesting that he was in the news with the UTAH Fan recently too. 

Also I talked about the Loma Prieta Earthquake episode and want to point out that during that World Series game they switched to a rerun of Roseanne. Which until they brought it back in had 222 episodes. 

Think about August 10th too. I noticed in one of my old vidoes about San Francisco it says the San Andreas Fault is 810 miles long. 
This episode is also the episode in which Rebecca moves out of her apartment and into the Attic of the Full House with Jesse. 

The last episode aired of Fuller House too is interesting as it's Season 4 episode 13. 
San Francisco=413(Jewish)


  1. Hey Dan, In connection with the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch today, check out this :-
    Al Noor City is a pair of proposed twin cities which would be part of a mega project to link Asia and Africa by building a transcontinental bridge over the Red Sea.A key part of the plan is to connect the two cities with a bridge named the Bridge of the Horns, spanning the southern mouth of the Red Sea. etc...

    1. The Saudi binladin group is the one doing construction on this project, their firm is 88years old right now too. I find it ironic that you mentioned this when there was recently a story about bin ladens brother being wanted by the US and there's a reward for his capture. Man it's all connected somehow...