Tuesday, March 26, 2019

JEREMIAH and the fall of Jerusalem-Father of Sandy Hook commits Suicide age 49

I just went to Zach's blog and I see he posted about Jeremiah 19. 

The reason it stands out to me is because in the 10 minutes or so I watched the film called "US" last night I noticed how they showed us "Jeremiah 11:11" in the film. Possibly it doesn't say that? That's what it looks like to me though so either way it's significant. 
Also I had just blogged about this film which got it's name from Jeremiah 17:9
It's strange but I feel like since I just talked about my old Facebook pics this might have something to do with Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright. I remember I posted a pic of him and wrote something funny years ago. 

It's funny as his controversy involved 9/11 and they called one of the Sermons "The day of Jerusalems Fall". 

Think about how this makes sense to the book of Jeremiah which also talks about the destruction of Jerusalem. Think about how we are talking about the 3rd temple as well. 

I know it's significant too because the other pics I have are with Robin Williams. 

Also this pic with Snoop Dogg and April Fools. 

The movie that came on tonight after the 41 year old Virgin movie is a movie with Snoop Dogg called "The Wash". 

Think about how I noticed all of this because of the supposed Suicides of the Stoneman Douglas students too. Now today we get the story of a Sandy Hook Dad killing himself named JEREMY. Jeremy comes from Jeremiah. 
He was 49 years old...
Sydney Aiello died 49 days after her bday and killed herself cause her friend Meadow who died 4 months 9 days after her bday. 
Sandy Hook=49

Today is 3 months 11 days after Sandy Hook Anniversary. 
Avielle Richman=84
Today the 84th day of the year. 


  1. The Outside Lands Music Festival that is on August 9-11 have released the rest of the line up and wouldn't you know it the group "Judah and the Lion" are playing.

    1. That's the San Francisco concert in Golden Gate Park where Paul Simon is playing.

    2. Oh yeah, also Leon BRIDGES is scheduled too. Lol.

  2. Genetically Engineered = 810 Jewish

  3. Dan I think you're going to like this. I was just looking at Corey Brewer the other day. I went to search the date for the bridge collapse for Minnesota and a suggestion for "bridge collapse portland tennessee" came up. Apparently it collapsed on the ides of march. Anyways, Corew Brewer is from Portland Tennessee. of course you and I were onto the Portland Trailblazere coding not so long ago. I believe Brewer played for those championship gator teams and something to spice it up for you is he played for the Timberwolves on 2 different occasions. In fact his picture on wiki is of him in a T Wolves jersey. I actually played in the same tournament as him in high school. It was funny. This sole black guy 6 foot 9 playing point guard. I dont think anyone else on the team was over 6 foot. i swear he was dunking it from the foul line

  4. 122 days after Oscar Robertson's birthday. Born in Charlotte Tennessee. Oscar Robertson = 911 ext. 721 Jewish (Moonwalk Hubbard Robin Williams) Oscar = 224 Jewish

  5. Portland Tennessee is in Robertson County.

  6. Boeing = 133 ext
    The Boeing Company = 810 Jewish
    Caroline Kennedy joined on 8/10/2017
    Tomorrow is 595 days since she joined and Nikki Haley was nominated for the board on February 26th (911 weeks after 9/11) and is set to stand for election on April 29th