Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Corey Feldman's Tweet defending Michael Jackson same day Luke Perry died-Buffy-The Lost Boys-Peter Pan-310

Corey Feldman tweets a defense to Michael Jackson on 3/4. I know this story is important to Luke Perry and what I documented about Buffy. 
Remember Perry died on 3/4 which was 3 months 10 days after I documented about Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which he is in. 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer=310
The Tv Show premiered on 3/10. 
Vampire Slayer=79
Three Hundred Ten=79

Now think of how this story is connected to the film "Leaving Neverland" about Michael Jackson. 

Remember how Corey Haim died on 3/10 as well and him and Feldman are in the VAMPIRE movie "The Lost Boys" which is a play on "Peter Pan"....Neverland. 
Remember Buffy also has Donald Sutherland in it. He is Keifer Sutherland's father. 
Also a big thing I always remember in the movie is that I thought they were going to make a part 2 forever. At the end of the film the main vampire(1 arm) isn't dead in the credits saying ooo eee ahhh....the vampire is played by Pee Wee Herman...think about him in regards to child porn. 

I even mentioned how all of this stuff of recent connects to Michael Jordan, Michael J Fox and Michael Jackson...MJ...
Remember Michael Jordan retired from baseball on 3/10 which is former teen Wolf Zach Lavine's bday. Remember Ralph Northam did Blackface as Michael Jackson too. 

Also Feldman's campaign to stop Hollywood Pedophilia was called the "Indiegogo Campaign"=310

Corey Haim and Feldman's bdays are 5 month 8 days apart. 
Corey Feldman=58
Luke Perry had a stroke on the 58th day of the year. 

The tweet came 134 days before Feldman's bday. 
King of Pope=134
I mentioned a long time ago how Michael Jackson was synced up to the Royal Family stuff. 
King Charles III=134
Michael Joseph Jackson=197
Prince=197 and 65
Jackson died 65 days before his bday. 
I have a few videos from 2015 in regards to Princess Margaret being best friends with J.M. Barrie who wrote Peter Pan. She was cheating on her husband with Roddy LLewellyn. She was originally in love with PETER Townsend, but had to marry the Anthony Armstrong-Jones. 
J.M Barrie also did a bunch of weird stuff like went to Princess Margaret's 3rd bday party and they became best friends. He was in his 70's which seems odd....some claim he was a pedophile too. 
Peter Pan based of the LLewellyn Davies boys...Peter committed suicide age 63....Robin Williams committed suicide age 63. 

I see Pee Wee Herman(Paul Reubens=134) as well. 

Leaving Neverland came out in the US on 3/3 which was 8 months 7 days after the anniversary of MJ dying. 
It's interesting because "Priest"=33, 87
Leaving Neverland=87

I wonder since the Michael Jordan stuff is connected to Charlotte...
The Secret Lies with Charlotte"=310
In the film Buffy there is a small character named Charlotte and played by Ricky Lake....

Also interesting MJ=5 and 13....513? 

My favorite part of seeing all of this is that yesterday at work the lottery guy came to clean the machines. I was telling him how my aunt went and saw the pope and then won 250 thousand on a scratch ticket. The conversation turned into priests molesting kids and what kind of god would want that. I told him about Father Howard and my experience as a kid and more. So funny this type of thing comes I'm just realizing that yesterday was 3/5. 
Father Howard kicked out of the Church after 35 years of being a priest and so on...

Also think how I just mentioned Sean Astin and the a new story with Corey Feldman who was in the Goonies as well. 

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