Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dana Carvey's portrayal of Ross Perot-SNL-Old Pink info

I have never seen Baby Driver, but very interesting to what I just documented. Plus Dana Carvey's first film role was in Halloween II...
When I think of Dana Carvey I think of Massive Headwound Harry and Ross Perot before I think of Garth for whatever the reason. 
Henry Ross Perot=215
Saturday Night Live=215
Wayne's World last aired on SNL on 2/15/15 for the 40th anniversary. 
Farley's bday was 2/15. 

Notice he is from Texarkana, Texas as well...
I documented about this place in regards to the Pink symbolism when Aretha Franklin died and also Burt Reynolds. The film Smokey and the Bandit is bootlegging Coors to Atlanta from Texarkana...Elvis had Pink Cadillacs connected to Texarkana....I mentioned a "Soul" theme in them posts and with it, I talked about the band "Collective Soul". It sticks out because The Voice lady who just died sang the song "Shine" in her last week on the show. That song put her in the bottom 2 in which she then lost and got knocked off the show. 

Perot is currently 88 years old....
He makes me think of money/Trump. 
Remember Warren Buffett is also 88 years old right now. 

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