Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Alex Trebek announces he has Stage 4 cancer

I see they announce Alex Trebek's cancer 4 months 16 days before his bday. It's interesting because 4/16 is 41 days after this announcement. 
Possibly we will see him die on 4/16 or 4/15?  

Stage Four=40
Alex Trebek=40 born in 40'. 

It's also interesting that today is the 65th day of the year. 
When they told us Trebek was having brain surgery they let us know the owner of the Astros had the same surgery. 
He was 65 years old. 
Richard Dauer=65
The story of Trebek was 65 days after the Astros won the WS. 

Also 2019 will begin the 36th season of Jeopardy and this story comes on 3/6. 

Ha, something new I just found was that Trebek switched being host with Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune for an April Fools joke in 1997..
Notice the date was 4/ was 13 years after 1984 when Jeopardy began with Trebek. 
13th prime is 41. 

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  1. "Casket"=40(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Funeral"=40(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Old Testament"=40(Full Red.)