Saturday, March 16, 2019

Bernie Sanders gets Stitches on his head-Pink-Announcement of running for president

I was looking at this story and I noticed an interesting 310. 
Also thinking about Barry Sanders in regards to the LIONS. 

He announced he was running for president 5 months 11 days after his bday. 
I have recently mentioned there seems to be something important to the English Extended Cipher as of late. 
Bernie Sanders=511(eng ext)
Notice too that the announcement was 624 days before the election. This number is the most important number I have mentioned in the past year. 
Bernie Sanders=133
White House=133

His bday also stands out to me as it's "Pink's" bday as well.(9/8).  
He announced he was running on the 50th day of the year. 
Barry Sanders is 50 years old right now and retired in 98'. 

How fitting he talks about healthcare with a bandage on his head in regards to the article. 
This story comes 189(end date) days after his bday. 

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