Saturday, March 16, 2019

50 Year old Nebraska farmer dies in Worst Floods in 50 years-Pete Ricketts-HIggins Boat Inventor Andrew Jackson Higgins

Nebraska in the news recently. 
We got a story of Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts and his anti semitic ex-campaign staffer. 
Nebraska also flooded like crazy because of the recent blizzard/rain. 
It is true as many places around this area are flooded. The last time I remember anything of the sort was the day I moved to Arizona in 2008 and in 1993. 
It's funny too as the school I went to in Arizona is the reason I learned about other countries writing the date with the day then month. That's how they labeled our start date. 

Worst Flood in 50 years. 
Then 50 year old James Wilke dies is the story in the mainstream media. 
Jodi Hefti=50
Jodi Hefti must really love Cops for some reason? Actually with further research I see she is an SRO Officer in Columbus. So the family friend Jodi being used in all the stories is in Law enforcement...Go figure. 

If this bday is correct he even dies 2 months 22 days after his bday. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Pete Ricketts=52

John Peter Ricketts=811(satanic)
Jodi L. Hefti=811(Jewish)

Look at Columbus, Nebraska's notable people in regards to Floods as well. It is where Andrew Jackson Higgins is from. He created the Higgins boat in which Eisenhower claimed was the reason we won WWII. Hitler dubbed him the "New Noah" lol...think about that in regards to Floods and a story of man dying in a Flood here. 
Notice he died in the year 52' as well. 
Died on 8/1...the bridge number. James Wilke died because of a Bridge collapse. 
Andrew Jackson Higgins=911(satanic)
Higgins Boat=186...number I've been seeing a lot recently. 
Plus Andrew Jackson was important earlier in the year with the War of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans. Notice this guy died in New Orleans too. 

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