Saturday, March 2, 2019

911 stories in the media-Ilhad Omar Poster-Hamza bin Laden-Osama became leader of Al Qaeda on 8/11

Of course a story about 9/11 is a headline story today. I've been mentioning how there is a big 9/11 connection in a lot of things recently. 
This lady is also the representative in the Minneapolis area in which has been pretty important to what I have talked about...Prince...the Mighty Ducks...NCAA Championship..Teen WolfMinnesota=110
Osama Bin Laden=110
110 stories Twin Towers and so on...

The story actually happened on 3/1 which is 194 days before 9/11. 
September Eleventh=194
Rep. Ilhad Omar=194

We also recently got the story of Osama Bin Laden's son Hamza emerging as the new Al-Qaeda leader. 

Hamza Bin Laden=110, 241
Osama Bin Laden=110, 241

Interesting that Osama became the leader of Al Qaeda on 8/11 as well. 
It just adds to the thought of a 911 type event in connection to 8/11 this year. 

Look how Osama's birth and death sync up to 8/11 as well. 
His bday on 3/10 is 5 months 2 days(end date) before..
His death date on 5/2 is 3 months 10 days before. 

Al Qaeda=102
102 minute attack on 9/11. 

The current leader of Al-Qaeda will be 68 years old this year too. 
WTC Construction in 68'
9-1-1 in 68' 
So on...


  1. United Methodists voting against the LGBTs was top story on CNN this morning. James K Polk the first Methodist presient.

  2. Wow, another good 8/11 connection. From 8/11/88 (a lot of 8's) to 8/11/19 is 31 years, like his birth date 3/10 and the 3 months 10 days...