Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Brazil Shooting the same day Trump bans Boeing's in the US-Air Force One-Columbine II

Sao Paulo=44

Death of Katherine Helmond-Brazil

This is funny. A shooting in Brazil on Pope Francis' anniversary being the Pope? I just mentioned Brazil in regards to the death of Katherine Helmond and how the star of the movie is Jonathan Pryce who everyone says is actually Pope Francis. 
Now we get a shooting in Brazil. 
I also mentioned Jeff Bridges and the Fisher King again in my video last night. I've mentioned this with the Brazil coding as well, because they are both Terry Gilliam films. 

They are comparing this shooting to Columbine as well? 
Remember the shooter Dylan Klebold was born on 9/11...the shooting was on the 110th the 110 stories Twin Towers....Osama Bin Laden"=110 and so on...
The reason it's important is because in my previous post I mentioned how it was connected to 9/11. 

Also "Brazil"=612...this big number we discovered after the Stoneman Douglas shooting that was 612 days after the Pulse Nightclub shooting. 
Marjory Stoneman Douglas died in Minneapolis with the 612 area code where the Super Bowl was just held before the shooting. 
Dunblane Massacre=612
Columbine High School=612

It's no coincidence we got the story of Trump grounding the Boeing 737 Max planes today as well either. 
Remember in 2016 Trump wanted to cancel the order for Boeing to make Air Force One. We got the story the same day Time magazine made him their person of the year...Think about it...."Time Flies".....
 Then in 2018 Boeing got $3.9 Billion in funding for Air Force One....

The original Air Force One was called "Columbine II". 
 Columbine II=68, 185
Donald John Trump=68, 185
Brazil=68, 40
I'm just thinking as I documented about 173 with Lori Loughlin which is the 40th prime number. Plus that number special to Goldberg...

Also today is 13/3..
Haile Selassie I=133
The 2 plane crashes 133 days apart. 

I'm waiting for a Marilyn Manson story to come out in the near future as he is connected to Columbine/Stoneman Douglas as well. 

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  1. Ethiopia adopted its flag on Halloween of 1996 which was 1776 days before 9/11. On that same day there was a plane crash that killed 95 people on board. Halloween = 95. Sirius = 95. It was 1361 days after the planes first flight on February 8th 1993 that the crash occurred. The Ethiopian flight crashed 1361 weeks after this one in Sao Paulo. 1361 the 218th prime of course