Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Alan Krueger dead at 58-Obama's Economist-811 and the Economist Magazine founder

Not too long ago I mentioned Obama in regards to August 11th. 
Barack Hussein Obama II=811(eng ext)
I've also been saying how English Extended seems important recently. 
Now we get the death of Obama's Economist 5 months 27 days before his bday..also 180 days. 
Economist=527(eng ext)
August 11th seems important to San Francisco/Golden Gate...
Golden Gate=180
It was opened on 5/27. 

Further to verify what I am saying is important...Notice the creator of Economist the Magazine died on 8/11 as well. 
Think about the predictive programming from that magazine cover as well. 

James Wilson=41
Economist=41, 113
Alan Krueger=113
Krueger's bday of 17/9 also interesting as it's the 41st prime. 

With the end date he also died 186 days before his bday. 
Without it's 185 which is interesting in regards to the date of 16/3. 
Make America Great Again=163
Donald John Trump=185
Obama Nominates Merrick Garland 163 March 16th
I've talked about March 16th being important to Obama in the past. I thought possibly he might be assassinated that day. 
Barack Hussein Obama=163
Obama Assassinated=163
In the post I mentioned Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz coming out 163 days after March 16th. 
Interesting too I mentioned some dates that aligned with 310 although I didn't mention that number. 
Such as March 16th to the date the president takes office on 1/20 is 310 day(no end date). 
Also I mentioned 3/16 to 6/26 which is 3 months 10 days. 

Lately I've been seeing all these connections to other things and haven't documented a lot in stories other than how they are connected to me. 
 Maybe I should start adding a section such as "This is what Zach would say"? 

He died age 58. 


  1. Good find with the Economist founder's birthday. From his birthday June 3 to August 11 = 69 days

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  3. Oakland Athletics playing tomorrow. The first MLB game Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth ever watched was a game between the Oakland A's and Baltimore Orioles. They open the season tomorrow against the Seattle Mariners 595 days after he retired from royal duties 62 days after his crash. Tomorrow has 62 date numerology. Queen = 62

  4. or maybe prince andrew. born 2-19. baseball game was May 15th 1991 (130 date numerology) Prince Andrew = 130 ordinal. Prince Andrew = 194 rev ord. 194 days after Mac Miller died. Mac Miller died 595 days into Trump's presidency. Prince Andrew Duke of York = 117 red. car crash on 1/17. Also sums to 333 rev ordinal. tomorrow is 333 days after Queens last bday.