Sunday, March 17, 2019

Michigan False Active Shooter and the connection to Plane crashes

Yesterday we got a false active shooter in Mason Hall at the University of Michigan. 
Michigan=44, 107(Jewish)
Shooting=44, 107

I was thinking about Michigan the other day in regards to the Ethiopian Airlines crash causing a big thing with Boeing. Remember in 2017 the Michigan basketball team was involved in a plane story. The plane skidded off the runway in Washington DC. 
They won the Big 10 Tournament that year as well. 
They also had Austin Hatch who survived 2 plane crashes and what not. So they are connected to plane crashes. 

Also I can't help but think how Michigan is always in the mix for a riddle with Duke. 

The player with all the buzz on him right now with Michigan is Zavier Simpson. 
Zavier Simpson=186
Just wanted to point it out, because I keep seeing this number. 
Born on the 42nd day of the year and is 22. 
Plus his nickname is "Captain Hook" which stands out to me because of how the Neverland/Lost boys stuff is interrelated. 

Michigan Plane Skids off Runway Blog Post

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