Monday, March 18, 2019

2 Die at St. Patricks Day event at Northern Ireland Hotel

St. Patricks Day=86
Northern Ireland=86
Greenvale Hotel=86
They died at a hotel with the color Green in it's name on St. Patricks Day. 
2 people 86'd 


  1. I love the line in the news article "police appealed for parents to collect their children from the scene", what would children be doing at a St. Patty's party at a Hotel? LOL

  2. Maybe Prince Philip the "Duke" goes on 3/20. 62 date numerology 62 days after his car accident. 595 days after retiring from Royal duties having completed 22,219 solo engagements. Duke = 219 Jewish

  3. was looking at events for July 5th since it's the 186th day of the year. The Shard was recognized as the tallest building in London on July 5th 2012. Of course that was a leap year, dam. But so was July 4th 1776. Country founded on the 186th day that way and curiously enough July 4th is when Earth'is at its Aphelion (farthest point from the Sun) on July 4th but also so close to the the conjunction of the Sun and Sirius. which changes about 1 day every 72 years. When the country was founded the conjunction happened on July 2nd currently it's July 6th which is Bush Jrs bday.

    1. I left out that the Shard is said to be 310 meters tall

  4. Like Share Subscribe = 186 ordinal