Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Today's Synchronicity-The 40 year old Virgin-Catherine Keener-John C. Reilly

Last night my girlfriend didn't have to work and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. Since she already watched "US" and I fell asleep, I said let's watch the other Jordan Peele movie "Get Out". 
Anyway I documented about this film and having synchronicity in connection to the 40 year old Virgin. 
While watching "Get Out", I recognized the actress Catherine Keener and asked my girlfriend, "What other movie is she in?" I know I know this lady from somewhere...she told me..she's from the 40 year old Virgin..haha. She's an interesting character in Get Out as well because she hypnotizes people with ease. 

So tonight I'm looking at her filmography and I see the next film after "Get Out" that she was in was called "Little PINK House". 
Even crazier is that the last film she was in was called "Sicario: Day of the Soldado"...This film sticks out because today this strange lady who has been coming in and renting movies brought 4 movies back. She was telling me how she couldn't make it through the Sicario movie because it was so dumb. She is literally one of the only people who rent movies too, and in the last week I bet she has rented 20 movies. 

While I was ringing up her movies on the movie computer I noticed on the wall behind it, it showed the 2 new movies that are coming in. 
One of them was the film "Glass" and the other was the film "BumbleBee" in which I noticed it had the Golden Gate Bridge on the cover. 
The movie has John Cena in it which stands out because of how the WWE is I talked about him with the Lion Air crash. Also think about Samson killing the Lion and then the Lion has a swarm of BEES in it. 

Cena makes me think of the film Trainwreck as well that was connected to Pope Francis' visit in the 239th year of the US....I'm reminded that the next week the film "Pixels" came out with the cover of Pacman eating San Francisco. 
Golden Gate=135
I wonder if that film has an 810 or 811 reference in it? 
It's interesting in my video about Pixels I talk about how it seems to obvious to destroy the Golden Gate in 2015 and it's coded to Pope Francis visit and something else. 

Another thing that happened at work today. Just before we switched over the register the last customer was a guy I know. My friends and I always make Step Brothers jokes with him, because he looks like John C. he checks out and leaves and I'm waiting to switch the register over and look at my phone. The first thing I see a a video about Step Brothers. 
I'm not gonna write the guys name but he even shares Satanic Gematria of 516 with "John C. Reilly"=516

I also didn' t have band practice again tonight, because the floods have kind've messed it up. Our practice spot has a flooded basement and we also don't have any gigs lined up right I'm trying to put the 2 parts of a video I made together in which I have to do on my old computer. I didn't realize the time and when I turned on the computer I noticed it was 8:10pm. 


  1. Zach had a caller mention the Egyptian go Set. Wikipda list "Seth" as an alternate name. Seth in the Bible lived to be 912 years old.
    Genesis 5:8
    And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years: and he died.

  2. Remember when I documented about the movie "8MM"? Catherine Keener was also in that. Sunday night I was looking at some actresses filmography, and I saw a movie that was a spoof of "Being John Malkovich" which also had Catherine Keener.