Monday, April 1, 2019

Zach's Livestream hacked again with a 58 minute porno in the 58th minute of the Live Stream

I'm sitting here getting ready to make some videos and I saw Zach was Live Streaming. I turned it on and was listening for about 15 minutes and then again it turned to Porno. I got a video as fast as I could of it, but not posting it for obvious reasons. 
Anyway notice it was an exactly 58 minute Porn. 

Also note that the porn started 58 minutes into the Live Stream. 

This Channel is being shutdown due to too much truth=612
If you add in "The Truth Police...This Channel is being shutdown due to too much truth"=810
The Truth Police=180=Golden Gate 
The Truth Police=276(Rev Franc Baconis)
That Big Bang Number...Chuck Norris

It was 3-31 Zach's time, but Central time it was just after midnight so it was 4/1. 

Here's some closer photos to see the 58 better. 
Hacked=58(Francis Bacon)
They are for sure using this cipher lately as I keep saying. 


  1. Why would he livestream after what happened? He's gotta get his 19th channel in 2019 I guess.

  2. Dan, check this out about Christopher Walken, Corey Feldman and 8/11.

    1. Tania mallet just passed away at age 77. She was in the bond movie goldfinger. Not sure if that's relevant to your post or not. Just saw James bond in your comment

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