Thursday, March 28, 2019

Nike Triumps in Michael Jordan Jumpman Lawsuit-Sirius-Saturn(Bull)-Drowning-Dog Days-318

I love how they show us a picture of Colin Kaepernick in this article that really has nothing to do with him. It's about Nike's Jumpman logo lawsuit. 
Colin Kaepernick=88=Kneel=The Star Spangled Banner and so on...
Jumpman=88 also 511(eng ext)
It's fitting as Nike is associated with Saturn who is the Bull God "EL" as well. 
Think about Michael Jordan who is the Bulls God. 
Plus 88 is the big number involving TIME and Saturn is the Keeper of Time. 

We've lately been mentioning the importance of Sirius and remember the Bulls intro was the song called "Sirius". 
I re-looked it up and notice it talks about the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Chiefs....both the teams connected to the Moses symbolism. 
Sirius=49=Chicago Bulls
The Alan Parsons Project=88
Remember Jordan's dad died on 7/23/93 which is during the Dog Days of Summer....Haile Selassies bday. 
Saturn=93, 69
Truthiracy Michael Jordan Part 1
Truthiracy Michael Jordan part 2
I remembered a long time ago I watched the above videos about Michael Jordan from Truthiracy. I found these videos after I made a video showing a bunch of 6's around Michael Jordan. I went back to review them and it makes a lot more sense to me now...
The Dog Days of Summer(Beginning of July to Mid August) start after the Heliacal Rising which is the precursor to the annual flooding of the Nile....possibly this explains why the Drowning symbolism was so important last July and August? Think about the Flooding in Nebraska right now too that possibly is connected as well. 

It's funny looking at this video now too. In part 1 he mentions the number 318 being the Gnostic Value for Jesus. Although I don't understand how to come up with that value anywhere? 
Think how 318 is the God number..
Jordan's first game out of retirement in 93' because his father died was on 3/18. 
Bull God=318(satanic)

My 2013 Video about Jordan and 6


  1. Something going on with Nike symbolism. there is another Nike story in the news .About extortion.check it out

  2. Redskins = 328 Jewish 117 rev ordinal
    Season starts on a date leaving 117 days in the year

  3. they're coding Zach into the next season of the NFL. Only team with 257 gematria is the "Washington Redskins" = 257 rev ord. NFL Draft = 257 Jewish. You were hacked 55 days after the Super Bowl. 257 is the 55th prime. Speaking of Washington they're cutting down Cherry trees for the stage at the NFL draft in Nashville. Zach lives in Washington State. Also, Chicago Bears = 55 reduced