Sunday, March 31, 2019

Fred Hoiberg hired by the Nebraska Cornhuskers-Teen Wolf

The Nebraska/Teen Wolf riddle continues. 
The Nebraska Cornhuskers hire Fred Hoiberg as their new basketball coach. 
Remember Hoiberg was fired by the Chicago Bulls that have Zach Lavine/Denzel Valentine....he also finished his playing career with the T-wolves and was the VP of Operations for the T-Wolves before he became a head coach. 
Notice he gets hired 1 month 16 days after the last day of Lupercalia which is important to Nebraska University being founded on. It's also interesting that Wiki would say he was fired on 12/5 which is 116 days earlier although he was fired on 12/3. 
Teen Wolf=116
Hoiberg the 52nd pick in the draft..
Wolf=52, 56
Fredrick Kristian Hoiberg=239 the 52nd prime. 
Fred Hoiberg=56
Remember 3 games after he was fired the Bulls had their worst loss ever when they lost by 56 points. 
Worst Loss=56
The final game he coached with the Bulls was against Houston....then the day he was fired Houston played the T-Wolves. The final game he coached was on 12/1 and the T-wolves played the Boston Celtics that day...then the Celtics were the team to beat the Bulls by 56 points. 
He was fired when the Bulls were 5-19 which is also Kevin Garnett's bday(May 19th)....the original Team Wolf. 
Kevin Garnett=56
Garnett traded back to the T-wolves for "Thadeus Young"=56...and his first game back was on the 56th day of the year. It was just after the All Star Week with Zach Lavine/Andrew Wiggins who were Teen Wolves. 
The T-wolves lost 56 games in Garnett's rookie season. 
Think about Garnett in regards to the 12/21 stuff I mentioned years ago and the date of 12/ his connection to the Celtics. 
Scott Howard=56
Michael J. Fox=56
Remember on the Wolf Moon this year the T-Wolves won with 116 points over the "Phoenix Suns"=56
MJ Fox's bday is 116 days after Lupercalia. 

The Bulls even got their 56th loss of the season tonight too. 

He's replacing 52 year old Tim Miles whose bday is 56 days before his birthday. 
Tim Miles=100, 116
Teen Wolf=100, 116

Think about how Hoiberg is famous for the Iowa State Cyclones too....the Bomb Cyclone that led to all the flooding in Nebraska. 

This also happens just days before the Final Four begins at US Bank Stadium in Minnesota. 

Even more fitting to the Teen Wolf stuff is that today is 71 days before Michael J. Fox's bday. 

Remember too how the T-wolves fired their coach "Tom Thibodeau"=52 as well. He was replaced by Flip Saunders' son Ryan Saunders. Remember Flip died just before the start of Kevin Garnett's final season. Also in 2018 during Lupercalia they had "Flip Saunders" night in Minneapolis and put up a banner in his honor. 
Remember "Flip Saunders"=180 announced his cancer on 8/11 too. 
Golden Gate=180
Makes me think the flipping the script stuff is coming back...especially with the 166 I have been documenting about with Montagraph and the death of my Uncle...

Ha and Hoiberg even signs with the Bulls 166 days after his bday. 
Plus the 12/21 stuff with Sheldon and the Big Bang...
Garnett was all about 12/21. 
Maybe watch for "Bill Blair"=166 who Flip Saunders replaced in Kevin Garnett's rookie season. He replaced him on the 21st game of the season. 
Garnett wore # 21 for 12 seasons with the T-wolves before leaving to Boston. 
Minnesota only won 21 games and finished 12th the previous season. 
Saunders originally fired by the T-wolves on 2/12..2005. 
Garnett announced his retirement 1 month 2 days before the anniversary of Flip's death and his 21st season in the NBA. 
Garnett's best friend Malik Sealy born on 2/1 and wore # 21 in College...then died after a party for Garnett's bday. 

I'm wondering if there's a connection with the 76ers too. The T-wolves lost to the 76ers today...think about Jimmy Butler(from Houston)...Garnett traded back to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young who previously played and wore # 21 for the 76ers....Bill Blair is 76 years old. Moses Malone/Darryl Dawkins deaths were all about Kevin Garnett....Dawkins traded from the 76ers and out of it they got Moses Malone. key to the Nebraska theme. 
Moses Malone=166

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