Monday, March 11, 2019

Babe Ruth's daughter dies age 102 on 3/9.

She dies 32 days after Babe Ruth's bday. 
Babe Ruth=32
Remember he was a riddle connected to the Red Sox/Indians last year with the death of Aretha Franklin on the same day. Terry Francona breaking the Curse of the Bambino and more. 

She died in Henderson. 
I wonder if there is something I'm supposed to see with this town as it's where the Price is Right guy was from too. I'm too tired to look anything up right now, but I'll think about it tomorrow at work. 

She died on 3/9 which stands out with New York and the Yankees too. 
Julia Ruth=39

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  1. Interesting! Frank Sinatra's 1st wife "Nancy Barbato Sinatra" died on July 13, 2018 @ the age of 101. The divisors of 101 sum to 102.
    Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner died on July 13, 2010, the same day as Nancy Sinatra "8" yrs prior. Steinbrenner's wife died last year as well @ the age of 83.
    Babe Ruth and Frank Sinatra are connected to the New York Yankees via Sinatra's song New York, New York that Steinbrenner selected as the Anthem for the Yankees.

    The name "Julia" and the month "July" are derived from "Julius", the Roman Emperor "Julius Caesar".
    "Julius"=102(Jewish Ordinal)

    "Ides Of March"=101(English Ordinal) 101 is the 26th prime (26/62)
    "Yankees"=26(Full Red.)
    "Julia Ruth Stevens"=62(Full Red.)
    Babe Ruth died in the month of August (8th Month) and Steinbrenner died at the age of 80(8).

    "Julia Ruth Stevens"=80(Single Red.)
    "Yankees"=80(English Ordinal)

    "83 years old"=56(Reverse Full Red.)56/65 ( 5 + 6 = 11 and 8 + 3 =11) New York is the 11th state.
    "Ides Of March"=56(Full Red.)
    "New York Yankees"=65(Full Red.)