Friday, March 22, 2019

Chigozie's Clay Matthews post the first thing on Facebook while I'm DJing

I'm sitting here at the bar in Dow City, Iowa Djing and I got a text from my band member about what days I'm available in the next few months. I went to Facebook to see what days I already had scheduled for DJing because people usually message me on Facebook. 
Anyway the first thing that pops up on Facebook is Chigozies post about Clay Matthews signing with the Rams. The post was from 3/20 and today is 3/ why did Facebook choose to show me this post first? 

Especially considering this is what the wall looks like right behind where I'm Djing lol. A big drawing of Clay Matthews...I mean how did Facebook know this? It's hilarious. I'll have to look more at it tomorrow night when I get off work. 

This story comes 53 days before Clay Matthews bday. 
Los Angeles=53
This just after Super bowl 53 in which the Rams played. 
He signed just before the Zodiac of Aries the RAM. 

On the other wall at the bar is this big poster for the 150th anniversary of Dow City. 
I'm also DJing for this on May 25th which is funny as the whole post started because I was looking up dates that I DJ so we can schedule band gigs. 
The 150th is important though..
Green Bay Packers=150
Clay Matthews=150
Dow City, Iowa=150

Remember too that Chigozie was a big piece to the Drowning symbolism and 624 that is connected to 810. 

Your Thoughtful Airman just commented that 3/22 is also the 81st day of the year. 
Also today is what would have been my Uncle Clancy's bday which I didn't realize earlier while posting about him. haha it's just crazy how this stuff syncs up and works. 


  1. 117 connects to Mars as pointed out by Bowe n Arrow. if you put the swastika on the magic square of mars each of the two segments sum to 117. Of course the total sum is 325. Maybe a big day Monday.

    Bit Random but I have had the 255 nagging me. Especially today in my mail route a honey bee seemed to appear out of nowhere in my truck. bee = 255 like the date you mention 25/5

  2. Baseball opened the season with a dedication to Mars by the numbers. i rarely predict sporting events right but I did get this one right. The Seattle Mariners swept the Oakland A's in a two game series. The games were considered as away for Seattle and the second game was 325 days after the series in Tokyo was announced and the Mariners 325th away game against the A's. Here's my original decode with the link below that gives the timestamp of the prediction in Zach's comments. Had to do with the Momo challenge:

    "Oaklandnd A's and Seattle Mariners series in Tokyo for MLBs season opener. The artist who created the Momo sculpture for a Tokyo art show is "Keisuke Aisawa" = 135 ordinal 1331 Jewish.

    The 2 game series will be counted as home games for Oakland. Currently the Mariners Away record is 133-190. If they win two they'll be at 135 wins with the series total games at 325 and with the Tokyo series ending on a date a 325 day span from the day it was announced May 1st, 2018. 325 sum of the magic square of Mars."