Friday, March 8, 2019

Spammed Message on post about Kyrie Irving and Little Mountain after my post in involved Mountain last night-30 days of Night

Last night I posted about the song "In the Hall of the Mountain King". I checked my email before I went to bed and I got a spammed message on an old blog post about Kyrie Irving's Standing Rock name being "Little MOUNTAIN". I was too tired to post about it last night, but want to document it. 
I don't see the meaning in it, but I'm sure eventually it will make more sense. 

Like "Earthquake"=107

In the Hall of the Mountain King=411
Lincoln, Nebraska=411(Jewish)
411 is that number we've associated with assassination...
JFK being shot at 411 Elm street and so on...

I forgot to add that last night I saw the film "30 days of Night" was on as well. It only stands out to me, because a long time ago I used to tell people about a book idea I had about Vampires going to Alaska or someplace where it's dark more often. Then a few years later I saw that someone had already had this idea and they made a movie about it. So it's important to my life for this strange reason and it involves vampires. 
Alaska=45, 117
Bridge=45, 117


  1. Bering Strait = 523 satanic
    Donald Trump = 523 satanic

  2. Hey so
    District 9 = 624 ext, 404 jewish. Always think of you whenever I see a 624. SevenOne put out a video the other day where Reagan mentions a threat from outside this world.