Sunday, March 3, 2019

Lakers playing the Clippers on 3/4-Lebron's injury all about 34-Cousin and Lebron returns against the Clippers

I caught a hilarious piece of the Lakers game last night. 
The Lakers had 114 points with LeBron at the Free Throw Line and then he missed both free throws. Of course...
Lebron James=114

The Lakers are playing terrible right now and what I wonder is if it might all change after tomorrow nights game on 3/4 against the Clippers? 
The Lakers do have 33 losses currently and could get their 34th loss on 3/4 which seems fitting with as bad as they have been made out to be. 

34 was the big number I was talking about in November in regards to LeBron possibly being injured as he was turning 34 years old. Then he got hurt on the Lakers 34th game of the season all synced up to Kobe Bryant. 
The reason the game on 3/4 against the Clippers is important is because Lebron came back from that injury against the Clippers on 1/31 and then he sat out against the Warriors(team he injured against) 34 days after his 34th bday. 

Remember too that DeMarcus cousins achilles injury was synced up to Kobe and he also made his comeback against the Clippers. It's all a riddle with the Houston Rockets which is why Chris Paul went from the Clippers to Houston. Not gonna re-explain it. It's been this way for the past 2 years and the Warriors won both NBA Finals, possibly this year we will see the Rockets win, or is it all just showing the Warriors again? 

The Clippers also important to the racism with Donald Sterling stuff and so on...Steve Ballmer connected to Microsoft and the death of Paul Allen. 

Possibly LeBron could get injured again on 3/4 too? 

We will see how it plays out. 

It also makes me think about the 76ers in regards to Kobe and Michael's connection to Philadelphia. 

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