Friday, March 29, 2019

The Big Bang Theory breaks "Cheers" TV Milestone with 276th episode-73, Pi-Chuck Norris born on 3/10-Synchronicity

Couldn't have scripted it any better lol? 
I just went to CNN and I see this article about the Big Bang Theory breaking a major TV milestone. 
I continuously talk about the importance of the Big Bang Theory on this blog....I also just talked about Marilyn Manson again and how it was synced up to the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting that was Themed with "Stand by Me". Wil Wheaton went back on the Big Bang Theory just before that Shooting in Sutherland(Kiefer) Springs. 

Notice what show they surpassed though....of course the TV show CHEERS in which I just documented about and talked about in the Marilyn Manson video. 

This story comes 3 months 28 days after Kaley Cuoco's bday on 3/28. 
This is interesting because the 276th episode will be Season 12 episode 21. A while back I documented about Penny as she is from Nebraska, but it was all about 12 and 21. Her bday on the show is 2/12(Dec. 2nd). In real life she got married 212 days after her bday. On the show her and Leonard get married 2 months 12 days before her bday of 2/12. 

(I typed it wrong here as her bday is Dec. 2nd not 12th)
Remember too that 12 and 21 are special because Sheldon's favorite number is 73 in which he explains the 12th prime is 37 and the 21st prime is it's reflection 73. 

I also mentioned Mayim Bialik in a post in January following the Water Theme and how it connected to Lil Rel Howery. Interesting as he's in that film "Get Out" I just watched...but Mayim's bday is 12/12. 

I also know it's important to Kaley Cuoco as there is another story in the mainstream today about her losing her Wallet. 

Penny Hofstadter=73

The season finale is in 1 month 18 days...
This story comes 118 days after Cuoco's bday. 

Just thinking....328...
Chicago Illinois=328
Los Angeles=328
Los Angeles California=118
The Big Bang Theory takes place in LA. 
Stephen Hawking says There is no God in Final book
Also..."Stephen William Hawking"=328
Remember he died in connection to the Big Bang Theory..
His death was all about "Pi" which is interesting...
Three Point One Four=328(FB)
Pi Day or 3/14 is also the 73rd day. 

Also 5/16....I just mentioned this(516) with the synchronicity and John C. Reilly on Stepbrothers....
The first 2 videos I put out about the Big Bang Theory and 73 and long time ago was about Season 5 episode 16...and the post I made I didn't see until May 16th when it came to CNN. 
Five Hundred Sixteen=212

It's funny as well I just documented about 318 in my last post. I was looking at Kaley Cuoco films and I see she was in the film "Alley Cats Strike". It stands out because just last week we bought this toy Bowling Set at Walmart and I was telling my girlfriend about this movie. I wanted to rewatch it, but forgot. I didn't realize she was even in the movie it's been so long. 

So I'm writing up this post and I hear my son crying upstairs. I look over at my phone to see what time it is and of course it's 12:21am. 

Even funnier is that earlier tonight I had a feeling there was something about "Pi" that might come up. The first post that was on Facebook was this post of Edgardo Rodriguez buying a bag of Lays chips. He usually doesn't have them but got them and then that work truck was where he went..
I knew there was something significant about that post being there and I'm just now realizing why.....I too ate Lays potato chips just before seeing this post. My girlfriend made Tuna and Noodles and I wanted to put chips on top of it, so she went to the store and bought Lays...The only time I eat plain chips like this is with Tuna and I see a post of the exact same experience I had....

Anyway after that post I noticed he shared a bunch of things about "Pi" following him.....I then saw a story at the bottom of the Nike/Jumpman article about the guy setting a record with "Pi".....Note that I opened that Jumpman article on 3/25 too but just looked at it tonight.....and now here I am after Midnight seeing all of these things connected to "Pi". 
Plus 7/22=.318 just as 22/7=3.14...stuff we've talked about for a long time. 

The last episode of the Big Bang to air so far was on 3/7 or 7/3....12..21
The Conference Valuation=314
The Hawking Excitation=314(last episode Hawking was on) aired 3 months 14 days before his bday in 2018 and then he died on 3/14/18. 

So in all of this I think I found the whole point of it all haha. Remember how Leonard says "We get it,,73 is the the Chuck Norris of Numbers". 
Seventy Three=158
Chuck Norris=158
Notice Chuck Norris born on 3/10....once again the 310. 
Carlos Ray Norris=79
He just turned 79 years old...Could we finally see him die this year? I know I said this before, but I didn't see the 79 connection at the time. 


  1. Crazy. Another connection to Pi, you have 118 days from Kayle's birthday to March 28 and from March 28 to season finale May 16 is 1 month 18 days. If you count from May 16 to August 11 (11/8 or 8/11) including end date it is 88 days or 2 months 27 days (22/7) or 12 weeks 4 days or 2112 hours.

  2. Another Pi connection, Larry Shaw, the founder of "Pi Day" first celebrated on March 14, 1988 and from San Francisco, his birthday was August 12. So not including end date that would be the same as my above comment. First celebrated at San Francisco's "Exploratorium" where Larry worked for 33 years. From this story March 28 to his birthday August 12 = 137 days the 33rd prime number. From March 28 to August 19 = 144 days, Larry died on August 19. From May 16 to August 19 = 3 months 3 days. I see the number 88 representing time and space, you have 4 x 360 degree circles that add up to 1440 the minutes in one day. 11 x 8 = 88, Pi day first celebrated in 1988....

  3. "Larry Shaw" = 118 rev. ord. lol