Saturday, March 2, 2019

Death of Katherine Helmond-911 symbolism and the film Brazil-Bridge symbolism synchronicity with Tony Danza when my son was born

Who's the Boss=54
She dies on the 54th day of the year. 
With as much as I've mentioned the 911 symbolism I want to point out that Katherine Helmond was in the film BRAZIL. 

I have a post on here talking about the film Brazil and the 9/11 symbolism. 
Terry Gilliam=68
A big number in connection to 9/11. 
Remember "Brazil"=612(Jewish)
George H.W. Bush's bday of 6/12...the day Time Warner ATT merger...Trump met Kim Jong Un...Revelation 6:12 and so on...
Remember too that Jonathan Pryce is the star of Brazil and a bunch of people always tell me that he is actually Pope Francis. 
Jonathan Pryce=201=Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Brazil-9/11 post

Helmond also dies 234 days(end date) after her bday. 
This is interesting because "Antonio Ladanza"=144, 234
Who's the Boss=144
The video I made after my son was born that got banned worldwide on Youtube involved Tony Danza. 
Zamien Behrendt=144, 234
The only friend who called me was Cody..
Cody James Green=144, 234

There's a bunch more I need to think about with this story such as the Terry Gilliam stuff goes way back to 2014 and me getting coded copyright claims on my videos. Robin Williams dying on 8/11...Jeff BRIDGES....I just have to get some sleep again...
Katherine Helmond=81 and 81(rev red)
R2D2 guy died age 81. 
81 a big BRIDGE number. 
Antonio Ladanza=81
She died 8 weeks 1 day before Tony Danza's bday of 4/21 which is Queen Elizabeth's bday. 

She died 1 year 17 days(end date) after my son was born...

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