Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Synchronicity with Family Guy-Spammed Old Blog Post about Casino after going to Casino-310-Lion

My girlfriend didn't work tonight and wanted to go to the casino so we went at like 9pm or so. We just got back and I checked my gmail to find I had a spammed message on a post about Casino's and Gambling lol. 
It was the episode where they say "Freemasons run the country". 
It would seem coincidental, BUT this stuff happens to me all the time. 
Dewa Messum=33, 147

Haha this is awesome. I'm sitting here typing this up and my girlfriend turns on Family Guy and lays down on the couch. I all the sudden hear the word "Casino" on TV and I'm like WTF? Peter says something about Sharon Stone from Casino...

I looked up Sharon Stone....notice what her bday is....Yep it's March 10th or 310...the number I have recently been talking about and having syncs with. 
Family Guy=124
Freemasons Run the Country=124
I was also looking at my message from Casey/Bobby/Falkor lol about World Lion Day being on 8/10 this year. A day I have been talking about forever in regards to Rocky Colavito and more..plus Tisha B'av begins at sunset on that day.....
Anyway I noticed the new Lion King comes out just weeks before World Lion Day....
The Lion King=124
The Simpsons episode was # 91. 
Lion King=91 

Further watching the episode I remember I talked about it at some point because they make fun of the lead singer of Creed and Randy Quaid...both whom claimed the Illuminati were after them. 
Baby Got Black=38

I put that video out on the day leaving 310 days in the year in 2015 too. It's interesting it involves Nascar and it was around the time of the Teen Wolf stuff that was connected to Matt Kenseth who was born on 3/10 like Zach Lavine too. 

On the way to the Casino tonight I for some reason wanted to listen to the band "White Town" as I had never heard the whole album before..just the "Your Woman" song. Needless to say I only made it about 5 songs before I switched it. I must've been in a 90's thing because I then turned on Savage Garden and my girlfriend called me gay haha. Actually thinking about it, the reason it all started was because Alanis Morrisette was on the radio and she couldn't believe I liked it as it's "girl music". 
Anyway after Savage Garden I turned on Third Eye Blind. I looked over at my girlfriend and she had her hand over her eyes almost exactly as the album picture we were listening to. She started getting a headache I guess had her hands over her eyes....I just thought it was funny as she was doing the same as the Album cover without realizing it. 

It's obviously interesting in regards to the Pineal Gland and what not too. 

I need to think more about the Lion stuff as I know it's connected to the Royal Family and their coat of arms as well. 

Has anyone pointed out that "Barack Hussein Obama II"=811(eng ext)? 
He joke he was the Lion King.....the film based off of Hells Gate in Kenya...
Nairobi Kenya=124

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