Sunday, March 17, 2019

Flintstones House angers Neighbors story just above a story about Baker Mayfield

If you have followed me for a while you would know that The Flintstones have played a big part in understanding this knowledge for me. Today I see we have a story of a "Flintstones House" that neighbors are complaining about in California. 
Recently I keep saying the number 186 is somehow important and keeps showing up. Also how English Extended is important to watch for.  
The Flintstones=186
Flintstones=810(eng ext)

Remember Trump's bday is 186 days or 187(end date) before Pope Francis bday. 

Baker Mayfield Flintstones Post
Funny just below this Flintstones story there is a Baker Mayfield story too. If you go back to my old posts/videos I talked about the Iowa State vs Oklahoma game in which they compared Baker Mayfield to the Flinstones. I was documenting a bunch about Ralphie MAY and the Flinstones at the time. 
Fred Flintstone was based off of Ralph Kramden(Jackie Gleason)...
John Goodman was King Ralph(also Fred Flintstone). 

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  1. I remember from Derek's signs of time video that the 186th prime is 1109. I'll probably skim through it later to see the other properties and relationships