Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Apollo 16 Astronaut Charles DUKE and the PINK Moon of April 19th 2019

Halloween H20-Pink MoonIn my above post about Halloween H20 and the PINK Moon I mentioned how it was connected to Apollo 16. 
What I didn't talk about was the other astronaut on Apollo 16 named Charles DUKE. 

This guy might be dunfore this year as I see he's also from CHARLOTTE. 
I gotta get some sleep but I didn't want to forget about this. 
Apollo Sixteen=167
Duke's bday is 167 days after the Pink Moon this year. 
167 is the 39th prime number....
Blue Devils=39 and so on..

Plus think how his name is Charles in regards to Charlotte...Prince Charles. 


  1. Super into astronomy/astrology. Couple interesting things the next 36 hours. Mercury is going retrograde this morning to stay in Pisces and before midnight central time Uranus moves into Taurus. Uranus known for cataclysm/abrupt change then tomorrow morning is the Pisces New Moon. Mercury is important this year because of the Mercury transit of the Sun that's happening on the 100th anniversary of the first official armistice day. Found out that Luke Perry has a daughter Sophie Perry but there's also an Irish footballer named Sophie Perry who turns 33 on 11/11/2019. Lambda115 did a nice one on the Mercury transit. We just had the movie about Freddie Mercury. https://youtu.be/btWNOuPsnp8 That's it!! 11/11/2019 is 218 months after 9/11. Hermes = 218 Jewish. Sophia = 218 Jewish. Just finding out that "Freddie Mercury" = 911 Jewish like "Divine Feminine".

  2. Bro!! King King bundy passed away yesterday. Can't wait to see your decode on that. I know you've been talking about him for a while

  3. Nevermind, that's Earthquake I'm thinking about.