Thursday, March 14, 2019

Duck Theme again in the past few days-Jamaica-Cool Runnings star LEON-The Five Temptations

Today it was raining pretty much all day. That mixed with the big snow we got a while back has caused a lot of flooding in the area. Anyway at one point today at work some guy came in and said, "Today is a good day if you're a DUCK". I was just like Yeah no kidding and made small talk as he was the only person in the store. While the guy was still in the store another guy came in and got some stuff. They both came to the counter about the same time and I rang Duck guy up first. I looked up at the next guy and he was wearing a hat that said "Duck Unlimited". 
After he left I was standing there thinking about it and the first thing that caught my eye was a sign on the pretzel thing right in front of me that says "$5.19...I had to laugh because the major Duck theme began on the date of 5/19 last year(Kevin Garnett's bday as well)..."Aurora Bridge"=519
 I've been seing 519 a lot lately too...not Gematria but just random places and looking at my phone at 5:19 and stuff like that. 
Also on Monday after work my girlfriend went to get groceries and took Claire. It was just me and Zamien so I figured I'd turn on the TV and actually not watch Cartoons for a change. I saw that "The Mighty Ducks 2" was on and started watching it. When my girlfriend got home she didn't want to watch "The Mighty Ducks 2", so I told her just turn it then. I get on my computer and I see turns it to "2 and a Half Men" which is odd considering I've never seen her watch the show. Of course the scene she turned it too was zoomed in on the guy who plays "Duckie" in Pretty in Pink. 

Since it flooded and the Hwy was closed I didn't go to band practice. Jasmine had to leave for work when I got off because everyone called in because of the Floods, so I had to take care of the kids. I promised Claire I would play with her when Zamien went to bed which wasn't until about 8:30pm. So Claire set up a Putt Putt Golf course in our house and we played Golf. I turned on the Gematria Effect while playing and I heard some guy call in and say something about his Youth Hockey Team connected to the Mighty Ducks and then something about shapeshifters. Then everything went silent for a few minutes in the middle of his call. It then came back on with Zach asking if Derek was there. 
I just turned on the replay and it doesn't cut out like it did when I was listening Live so I know I was supposed to hear that Mighty Ducks part for some reason. Out of all spots for it to cut out it had to be right after he mentions the Mighty Ducks? 
I just documented about 173 and said it was important to Goldberg haha but I didn't realize.."The Mighty Ducks"=173 too. 

3/10 to 5/19 is 70 days?
The Mighty Ducks=70
Kevin Garnett=70

With the Ethiopia stuff connected to Haile Selassie I can't help but think of how 173 was big with XXXTentacion as well. His cousin drowned in the pool in Jamaica. 

I know this is random, but if there is a connection to Jamaica it has to be connected to Cool Runnings...the main guy in the film is "LEON"....Lion....
Just mentioned this number with Lori Loughlin and August 10th..

Haha he's also in the film "The Five Heartbeats" in which the main character is nicknamed "Duck" too. I haven't seen this film in years, but I remember I really liked it as a kid. 


  1. we watch Real Housewives of Atlanta and occasionally Leon appears on there since he shares a daughter with Cynthia Bailey. She was born 2-19-67. feminism = 219 jewish. 67 the 19th prime. He was born on the 67th day of the year and is 57. Very interesting. Of course Marcg 8th like a 3/8 & 38=2×19

  2. it's funny too that their daughter's name is Noelle. Sort of like Leon backwards. Or like the Spanish for the lion "El Leon"

  3. Something I noticed looking up thr word "roar" on biblegateway. Seems there are three things primarily that are described as raoring. Lions, the Sea and the Lord.

  4. lol. roar = 52 just like the date numerology for the Ethiopian plane crash