Friday, March 15, 2019

CHRISTChurch Mosque Shooting in New Zealand and some quick thoughts on it.

A shooting in CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand on the 74th day of the year. 
Think about all of the recent LION stuff and how it is connected to Jesus CHRIST and now a shooting at Christchurch lol. 
Jesus=74=Jesus Christ and so on...
Mass Shootings=74
New Zealand=42=New Testament and so on..

Also "Christchurch"=186...a number I just recently brought up with Lori Loughlin. 
I've documented a few things about Christchurch before. We had an earthquake on Valentines day(Rebecca Donaldson) and also an earthquake on the same day as the closest Super Moon after Trump won the election. Also on Prince Charles bday....then just after that we had Buzz Aldrin in the hospital at Christchurch around the time John Glenn died. 
I've also been noticing how the English Extended Cipher has recently seemed important to what I have been mentioning...."Mosque"=585(eng ext) which is a big earthquake number.
Church=412(eng ext)...see my previous post about Valentine and Loughlin. 

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