Sunday, March 31, 2019

Pig is 310 in Reverse English Extended-Pig Latin

I've been saying how some of these other ciphers are really important in regards to recent info. I've been mentioned how 310 is really important and the English Extended Cipher. Notice that in reverse English Extended the word "Pig"=310

Pigs=186(eng ext)
False Flag=186(eng ext)
Cube=310(eng ext), 186(sumerian), 210(Jewish)
Cube has a lot of connections to the numbers I've mentioned recently. 
Flipped the Script=186

I wish I knew more about these other Ciphers...I feel like Derek said the English Extended Cipher was based off the Latin Alphabet? I'm wondering if it's important because of "PIG Latin"? 


  1. I remember a while back for several days straight I was finding relevant stuff to your work in the Francis Bacon ciphers

  2. English Extended uses the numbering from Hebrew gematria and Greek isopsephy but uses the current 26-letter English alphabet. Similar to Jewish, which is based on the Latin alphabet.