Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Lori Loughlin in the media for Cheating College Scandal called "Operation Varsity Blues" in connection to my Post involving Rebecca Donaldson/Valentine Nebraska-San Francisco

Today one of the main stories in the media was about rich people paying colleges to get their students in. One of the main people was Lori Loughlin who is Rebecca Donaldson on Full House. I find this interesting as I mentioned her character back on February 5th because of the Jerry Sandusky stuff/Duck Stuff...which I also mentioned The Skulls/Joshua Jackson/Paul Walker and I wondered if it was something to do with Dawson's Creek......They are calling this Operation Varsity Blues which sticks out because James Van Der Beek(Dawson's Creek) and another Paul Walker movie...

Anyway I noticed that my most recent post about Rebecca Donaldson was 173 days before Lori Loughlin's bday...Also 5 months 23 days..
The main thing I was mentioning was the 4 Earthquakes in Nebraska and the map showing us Valentine, Nebraska which is where Rebecca Donaldson was from on Full House. Think about San Francisco and Earthquakes with Full House as well. 
Valentine Nebraska=173
Varsity Blues=173
I post about her 173 days before her bday...
The 5 months 23 days is interesting as a big piece to the importance is her husband Jessie(John Stamos) on the show. His real name is Hermes Katasopolis and 5/23 is the Hermes Tristmegistus Feast Day. 
Also interesting "Donald Trump"=523(satanic)
Hermes is the equivalent to Mercury...Merchant...Money...Think about Trump. 
Rebecca DONALDson too..
Mercury has the 88 day orbital period. 
Remember the 88th episode of Full House is called "Fuller House" like the spinoff series. 
Fuller House=527(satanic)...Golden Gate Bridge opened on 5/27...
Rebecca Donaldson=135=Golden Gate Bridge

Loughlin and Huffman's bdays are 135 days apart(end date)...also 4 months 12 days which is interesting as my post about the Valentine, Nebraska earthquakes was on 4/12. 
James Van Der Beek=135
Without the end date it's 4 months 11 days..
I also started that blog post on 4/11 and posted it on 4/12. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=411(Jewish)

Also interesting as today comes 138 days before her bday. 
Donald Trump=138
It's also 35 days after my post on 2/5 that was a lot to do with Nebraska. 
Nebraska=35, 71
Today the 71st day of the year. 

Lori Loughlin=71, 152, and 513(Jewish)
513 is a number/date I have been following in connection to 8/11 as well. 
Today is 152 days before 8/11. 
The article referred to her as Aunt Becky. 
Aunt Becky=141...141st prime is 811. 

Goldberg-Duck Theme Recent Video
Some of this stuff I didn't blog about, but I talked about it in this video. 

August 10th is also just as important as August 11th as Tisha B'av actually begins on the night of 8/10. 
My post on 2/5 to 8/10 is 186 days. 
Lori Anne Loughlin=186
I have a post about Stephanie Tanner and the episode where they play the Ace of Base song "The Sign" as well. Remember they didn't take the advice of Uncle HERMES. 
It was the 186th episode. 
Ace of Base=186
Jodie Sweetin=186
Remember that song is about Spiritual ascension...no ones gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong...I saw the SIGN it opened up my eyes....
The 55th episode of Full House is about Stephanie freaking out about the Loma Prieta Earthquake. 

Think how the Show that Danny and Rebecca are on as well called "Wake Up San Francisco". 


  1. August 10th is just as or more important astrologically too since the Moon passes through the astrological Golden Gate that evening. The official wong for the opening ceremony was "Theres a Silver Moon on the Golden Gate". I've probably mentioned this all to aome extent already but it's just so fascinating especially since on 8/10 the Moon Jupiter and Saturn are mirroring their positions on 9/11

  2. Darren and I have been looking into a ton of Hermes stuff. Could be some interesting stuff in the works for Friday when Mercury squares Jupiter. Actually I think I mentioned Hermes in my second to latest video. Yea, it's the Mercury Transit on 11/11 and how there's a Sophie Perry (not Luke's daughter) turning 33 that day which is 218 months after 9/11. Sophia = 218 Jewish. Hermes = 218 Jewish. Probably already mentioned all that as well. It's peculiar how Mercury is behaving astrologically. Just before Uranus entered Taurus Mercury went retrograde to stay in Pisces. To me Mecury is like "o shit I don't want to be anywhere near this" but is ultimately just delaying the inevitable catastrophe that consistently accompanies Uranus when it's changing signs. Mercury's first full day out of retrograde is 3/29 (Brexit). My initial instinct not that it's in anyway reliable is that something goes down once Mercury finally hits Aries which will be April 17th the 107th day of the year which lines up with Earthquake's ordinal gematria.

  3. Aww yea with the 88s 3/29 the 88th day and also the first day of the 218th lunar month since 9/11. I was looking at hebrew and greek gematria for Lion. The greek was real interesting since it's 57 ordinal 21 reduced just like Moon in English orginal

    1. Excellent stuff, what is your Ytube channel Airman? I'm seeing "crazy eights" (= 141 eng. ord. = 156 rev. ord. 141th prime is 811 and 156th prime is 911). In the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, which includes the Presidio that was discovered March 28, 1776, the 88th day as 1776 was a leap year. From March 28, 1776 to August 10, 2019 = 88,888 days. From March 28, 1776 to May 14, 2019 (Israel Independence Date) = 88,800 days! Also I got thinking about the books "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" and wouldn't you know it the first volume was published February 17, 1776 the last and 6th volume was published May 8, 1788. From February 17, 1776 to July 1, 2019 = 88,888 days. From February 17, 1776 to
      April 4, 2019 = 88,800 days. April 4th is a loaded date in history and is 4/4. Thinking about the Nike shoe "blow out" last month, Obama was there and People Magazine stated he was wearing a "number 44 Bomber jacket". Golden Gate National Recreation Area has SF88 Nike Missile Base that is one of few left in tacked, in fact it is the best preserved site....So much here. Thanks!

    2. Also note that May 8 the date the last volume was published is the date WW II in Europe was ended with Germany signing an unconditional treaty. From that date May 8, 1945 to this May 8, 2019 is 74 years or 888 months.

    3. Remember when the "Camp Fire" started on November 8, 2018 (11/8 or 8/11) and Paradise burned? The epic poem "Paradise Lost" was written by John Milton who died on November 8th....That poem is about Man's downfall...

    4. Falkor II is my youtube channel

  4. Regarding the Decline and Fall of Rome, we saw the two "bombers" last year, Mark Anthony Conditt and Cesar Sayoc. This past February 9th an Italian Carnival had a giant float "God Emperor Trump". So as the group Cage the Elephant sings in their song "Ready to Let Go" it opens with "Sun went down, sun went down over Pompeii" and sounds to me like the Empire is falling...(That video is very dark/disturbing by the way.) May 22, 1942 is the Unabomber's birth date. If you look at "Project Nike" wiki page you will notice they had a "disaster" May 22, 1958 at one of the missile sites. That site is gone now but a memorial to this event is at another preserved site Fort Hancock at the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Park. Remember May 22 is the reflection date of August 11 and May 22, 2017 is the date of the Manchester Bombing and Trump kissing the wailing wall. Also on that same day there was a Google Doodle of Richard Oakes a native activist who is known for a sit in for nineteen months at Alcatraz back in 1969 to 1971. Oakes birthday is May 22, 1942, exact same day as the Unabomber's. I don't know but things seem lined up for a bombing to me. If you search Dan's blog here "Hagar/Vikings" you will see my comments regarding some connections with the Hulk too, lol. Sorry for my lengthy comments but I just wanted to document this in one spot. Thanks again!