Saturday, March 2, 2019

Luke Perry sedated after Stroke-My post on Buffy the Vampire Slayer on 11/22/18-AEW-David Arquette

There's a lot I could document about this story such as Luke Perry having a stroke 139 days after his bday on the 58th day of the year.. 
Freemasonry=58, 139
Luke Perry=49
227 is the 49th prime number. 

What I want to document about this story though is that back in November there was some stuff going on with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which Perry is in the film. 
It was a story of the TV Show Buffy, but I mentioned the film as it's been one of my favorite movies for years. (Although many hate it). 
The film stars Kristy Swanson whose first film was "Pretty in Pink". 
I also thought it was interesting because David Arquette was in the news for Wrestling around this same time. He was Perry's(Pike) friend Benny that gets turned into a vampire in Buffy. 

Perry has a a stroke 97 days after the Buffy story. 
Coy Luther Perry III=97
25th prime is 97. 

It's also interesting wikipedia tells us that his son in a wrestler in the All Elite Wrestling league. Think about how this connects to David Arquette being in the Death Match that I said was connected to Prince vs Prince Charles. Also Chris Jericho signing with the AEW. 

Need to think more on the story, but wanted to get this off my brain before I forgot. 

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