Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Youtube restricts my Allen Iverson video from 2015-Philadelphia-Zach Lavine

I just got a strike on 2/15 and now a video I put out on 12/12/2015 about Allen Iverson is being restricted. It makes me wonder how much longer before they take my channel? 

I need to go back and find the recent comments I got on this video as well. In the past month or so people started commenting on this video, but I didn't get the point. I mentioned how Allen Iverson was important because in "Like Mike" Bow Wow wears the Iverson jersey in the beginning. 

Iverson born the same day as Prince...he's from Hampton which is important to Tony Bennett Collapsing and so on..

In this video I do mention how I can only make 15 minute videos because I got a Strike for my video on the Roanoke fake shooting. It's only interesting as the Princess Margaret videos were right around the time of that shooting and I even mentioned the Disturbed video that was connected to "They Live" and Roddy Piper.....Roddy Llewellyn..Roddy Piper....whose death was all about 34 as well...thinking about the date of 3/4. 

It's also interesting I get this restriction the same day Zach Lavine makes a game winner against the 76ers and the Lakers are playing the Nuggets. 
Both connected to Allen Iverson. 

I have to think about this because a big answer to how all of the recent things I believe is connected to Iverson. It can't be a coincidence his nickname is "The Answer". 
Today is the 65th day of the year. 
In the whole series of videos with Iverson I mentioned the next false flag or big event connected to Philadelphia. Remember 8/11 is important to Philadelphia. 

The 76ers lost tonight in their 65th game of the season...
Zach Lavine=65, 101=Philadlephia
Notice they lost with 107 points...
Earthquake=55, 107...
Today is 5 months 5 days before 8/11. 
Total score of 215 points...

It's also interesting that Zach Lavine went to High School in Bothell, Washington where Zach Hubbard used to live. 
Zach Lavine-Washington-Teen Wolf-Michael Jordan-Charlotte
Another key thing that Iverson was connected to was the number "56". This number is important to Teen Wolf, Royal Family, False Flag events such as 9/11, Paris....


  1. called into Zach's show tonight and mentioned the 34 in regards to Sirius. Sirius = 595 greek isopsephy. 34th triangular. Super Bowl was on the 34th day and we had a major ritual day on 3/4. There will be a grand fire trine on 4/14 which is 41 days after 3/4. 3/4 was important to Bush Sr. because it was 94 days after he died at the age of 94. 4/14 will be 135 days after Bush died. Vince Young is from Houston. 4/14 will be 34 days b4 his bday and "Vince Young" = 135 ordinal 135 reverse ordinal. I know you've mentioned the 135 recently. But the grand fire trine is interesting because of the fire theme with firestarter (keith flint). Perry in a movie called "Scorchers". Sirius means "Scorcher". Another word for Sirius is Sothis which sums to 419 greek isopsephy. the 81st prime. Golden Gate Bridge = 81. seems to be something to bridges keystones like the middle of something... the middle chapter of the bible is Psalm 117 the 595th chapter. Sirius = 595 greek isopsephy. Anyways, it's late. Oh so was looking at sports gematria for the #94. Only a handful I noticed. "Sixers" "Los Angeles Lakers" "Denver" "Cleveland Indians" "Washington Redskins" "New York Rangers" "Washington Capitals" "Anaheim"

  2. maybe it was that "R Kelly" = 135 Francis Bacon. Noticed a couple 219s. Vincent Young = 219 ordinal. Allen = 219 satanic. Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland is being reported in tandem to R Kelly. MJ born in Gary Indian with the 219 area code. 215 an area code of Philly of course. 267 another one. 267° location of the golden gate. 811 is the 141st prime. 141 = 3x47 the 2nd 15th primes. 347 the 69th prime. 69 the sign of cancer and keystone in the masonic arch.

  3. (A)llen (I)verson (A=1, I=9, 19/2019) was born in Virginia, which connects to the 400 yr anniversary of the 1st slave ship arriving in Virginia in 1619(19).
    "1st Slave Ship"=43(Full Red.) Iverson is currently 43 yrs old.

    "1st Slave Ship"=67(Reverse Full Red.) Iverson's DOB is 6/7(67).

    A.I. is an abbrv. for "Artificial Intelligence", a form of "Simulation".
    "Artificial Intelligence"=139(Reverse Full Red.) 139 is the 34th prime (34/43).
    "Freemasonry"=139(English Ordinal)
    "Beast"=34(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Simulation"=43(Full Red.)

  4. first song by post malone was "white iverson" released in 2015.
    "White Iverson" = 219 Francis Bacon

  5. Dude!! "Austin Richard Post" = 215 ordinal