Friday, March 8, 2019

Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify-Pregnant Transgender Man

2 Transgender stories in the headlines on Yahoo right now. 
Chelsea MANning=125
Transgender=125, 53
Grand Jury=125, 53
March Eighth=53
The word "Detained"=35
Like how Chelsea was originally sentenced to 35 years. 
Obama commuted the sentence on 1+17+17=35
It was Michelle Obama's 53rd bday too and think about how everyone says she is a Transgender. 
Michael Obama=241...the 53rd prime number. 

I also pointed out that it was all about the "17th" day..
Manning born on the 17th...commuted on the 17th...let go on the 17th in the year 17'. It's why we got the "Chelsea" bomb on the 17th of September in 2016. Chelsea Manning even convincted of 17 original charges. 

The court that detained her is in "Virginia"=53

Pregnant man=57
Wyley Simpson=57


  1. well hells bells. Simpson is my last name.

  2. From today to 8/11/2019 is 156 days, 22 weeks 2 days like 222, or 5 months 3 days like 53.
    False Flag=156.
    156th prime number is 911.
    Order Out of Chaos=222.
    Tisha B'Av=53, 134.

  3. You know the world is backwards when someone has convinced themselves that giving birth is manly. There's literally nothing less manly in the world!