Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ethiopian Airlines Crash in connection to the LionAir crash-Haile Selassie-Rastafari-Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah

I know right away there is a Jesus/Rastafari riddle with this Ethiopian Airline crash. Notice how they are mentioning the connection to the LION Air crash in October. 
The Rastafari's believed that Haile Selassie was the second coming of Jesus who was the LION of the tribe of Judah. Plus the plane was going to Kenya which is where the LION King is based off of. 
I think that's why they are putting importance on this being the "SECOND" Disaster involving Boeing, because Selassie being the Second coming. 

Remember Haile Selassie died age 83. 
Haile Selassie=83
He was the emperor of Ethiopia until the year 74' when he was overthrown by "Derg"=74
Jesus=74=Jesus Chris=Cross=Messiah and so on...
He also became the emperor on 4/2. 
New Testament=42...42 generations leading up to Jesus and so on..."Bethlehem"=42
Oddly enough the word "Emperor"=310(Jewish)

These 2 plane crashes happen 133 days apart. 
Haile Selassie I=133

Also "Rastafari"=93=Bob Marley=Saturn
We know how Jesus supposedly was Crucified on the 93rd day of the year. 
Gods Son=93
Nazareth=42, 93
Saturn=42, 93
Saturn=69 as well and today is the 69th day of the year. 
It's why Bob Marley died on 5/11(Saturn=511 in Jewish)

This plane story even happens 5 months 11 days after the current constitution of Ethiopia. 

Further showing what I am saying...think about these 2 Flights...Lion Air 610...Ethiopian Flight 302...
Haile Selassie was overthrown on September 12th or 9/12 in the year 74'. 

In Rastafari they call God "JAH" and believe God is Man and Man is God. 

Funny I just discovered something I never realized before or forgot. 
Jesus of Nazareth=1776(Jewish)
Think about how our nation was established on 7/4/1776. 

Just putting this in here in case it comes back up but "Jesus of Nazareth"=713(satanic)..this number was important around the time of George HW Bush's death. 

Since I had the synchronicity with 310 so much I wondered if Revelation 3:10 might have some importance. Notice it's in the part where it mentions the Church of Philadelphia and the New Jerusalem coming down. Remember how I said it might just be something important to the Golden Gate/San Francisco/Philadelphia....just find it funny that Revelation 3:10 is in the section about Philadelphia. 
Cube=310(eng ext)
Think about the New Jerusalem and the Black Cube on the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. 

The Synagogue of Satan=888(satanic)
Jesus is 888 Greek isosephy. 

When the Lion Air crash happened I mentioned a bunch of 423 in regards to the WWE and the Royal Family in connection to that crash. 
Tafari Makonnen Woldenmikael=423

Lion=190=King Charles III
It was 189 passengers."Prince Philip"=423(eng ext) and 189. His bday on 6/10....Flight 610
Remember Philip is 1776 days older than Elizabeth. 
This story today on 3/10 comes 42 days before her 93rd bday which is also Easter Sunday. Today is a span of 93 days before Philip's bday as well. 
Lion Air=42
Ethiopian Airlines=94


  1. Bro!! I was trying to find the numbers in this same topic (Haile Selassie). I did a video last year April 25th where I talked about Selassie and Bob Marley and the old Ethiopian flag with the Lion of Judah on it. We're super n'sync with this one. I told Derek how you'd been on to the 310 coding for a minute. Awesome work Dandalf!!

    Here's the Ethiopia vid I didm

  2. The Lion of Judah = 888 sumerian

  3. 135 days to his would be 127th birthday.

    Check this out. Haile assassinated on 8/27. The only mention of Ethiopia in the new testament is the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:27. If you enter the KJV version of that verse in the gematrinator calculator it sums to 1827 Francis Bacon. Always making Francis Bacon finds around you.

  4. today was 585 days since Prince Philip retired from his royal duties on August 2nd, 2017

    1. Baptized = 83, 133, 43
      Ethiopia = 83, 133, 43
      Acts = 43, 29
      Philip = 43, 29

  5. Last One

    Matthew 3:11 "I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire" = 2207 reverse ordinal. tomorrow is 3/11. 2207 the 329th prime

  6. Check this out!! SevenOne led me to this. He mentioned how Ethiopia is the supposed site of the "Holy Grail" = 595 Jewish. "The Lion of Judah at Camelot" Camelot....Holy Grail.... middle chapter of the bible is the 595th chapter.... Sirius coding. 34th triangular number.

  7. Boeing was founded in Seattle, which is in King County. Jesus is the King Of Kings. If this is the second incident, watch for a 3rd. 3 would be a perfect number.

  8. I think we should keep a watch on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, billed as the Royal Navy's largest "warship". HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail for the first time on June 26, 2017, 6/26, "Queen" = 26, 62. When it left it's dock yard it had to go under the "Forth Road Bridge" with only six feet of clearance, makes me think of "six feet under". When the Queen dies apparently the code is "London Bridge". When Prince Philip dies apparently the code is "Forth Bridge". Both Elizabeth and Philip opened the Forth Road Bridge on September 4, 1964. This past October 19, 2018 the HMS Queen Elizabeth came to New York for a week. From October 19, 2018 to the Queen's 93rd birthday April 21, 2019 = 6 months 2 days or 26 weeks 2 days. Lots of 2's and 6's... Apparently the warship did some emergency disaster drills a few days ago.