Friday, March 8, 2019

A Pattern I noticed with a song on Troll Hunters and The Lost Boys 2 showing me 310-Edvard Grieg-Peer Gynt-Troll Theme

Last night I tried watching the part 2 of the Lost Boys. What a terrible movie that I didn't finish yet but anyway....
I noticed that around the time of the vampires killing someone they whistle a song I recognized. It's a song that gets whistled on Claires favorite cartoon called Troll Hunters. I'm only posting this because I feel like there is something important to it. I've never heard the song until Troll Hunters and then last night the Vampires doing that just makes me wonder. 

The song is a piece of Edvard Griegs "In the Hall of the Mountain" that was in the play called "Peer Gynt". 
Peer Gynt=34
Thinking about the connection to Feldman's tweet on 3/4. 

Haha oh my god look at this guy....
Edvard Hagerup Grieg=310 and 94, 176
What are the odds? 
He died on 9/4 age 64. 
Edvard Grieg=64
He would be 176 years old this year too. 

The story of Feldman in the media came on 3/5...notice it's 3 months 10 days before this guys bday too. 

He also died 9 months 11 days before his bday. 
Think how Osama Bin Laden was born on 3/10. 

Also notice that the play "Peer Gynt" originally premiered on 2/24/1876.....So on the day leaving 310 days in the year even. 
Troll Film(1986)-The Trolls(Dolls) Movie Blog Post

The play "Peer Gynt" is loosely based on the Norwegian Fairy Tale "Per Gynt" that involves Trolls. I also looked up Edvard Grieg in Pop culture and one of his pieces in on the "Trolls"(Doll) movie. I'm talking about this song being on Troll Hunters so I figured I'd look back at my post about a Troll theme from 2016. It was right around the time Southpark did the whole Troll Trace theme too. 
Anyway in the post I mentioned how the guy who invented the Troll doll died 102 days after his bday.....Notice though it's also 3 months 10 days. 

Wikipedia has changed completely though now in regards to Thomas Dam....I mean how could it be that off? At the time I was saying people were Trolling me like crazy and leading me to look certain things up. I've said forever that Wikipedia writes certain things in a certain times for a reason and here we are with huge difference in the info. 
I mean really think about it...what is the point of updating old stuff constantly on wikipedia. These people who died years ago aren't doing anything new to be updated on Wikipedia yet it gets updated multiple times a month on a lot of them. 

In the end of my old blog post I mentioned the connection to Jeff BRIDGES....Think about Trolls under the Bridge...The film Troll is about San Francisco....I just wonder if we should look out for 3/10...especially with my Allen Iverson video getting's all about Philadelphia which is a major piece to the BRIDGE symbolism. 
Some interesting 310's in my notes...
Saint Francis of Assisi=310
The Truth Shall Set You Free=310
George Washington Bridge=310(FB)
Father=310(eng ext)
Ben Franklin=310(primes) a major bridge I have mentioned over the years....I never talk about some of these ciphers but I find these interesting. 
Remember I talked about Troll Hunter with the Lindsay Buckingham post in regards to Arthur and Merlin....
Turkey=310(satanic)...Enes Kanter not playing 3 months 10 days before Gulen's bday. 


  1. Biblical Philadephia is in modern day Turkey.

    Turkey borders Syria to the North. They're the "gateway" for the migrants flooding into Europe from the middle east. You have to assume that the large Turkish population in Germany has influence on the policy of forcing other European Union member nations to accept immigrants. This is the main reason for Brexit.

  2. 3/10 the 69th day. 69 the symbol of cancer the keystone in the royal arch. 811 the 141st prime. 141=3×47 & 347 is the 69th prime. Bit random but the highest paid female soccer player in the world is Marta of Brazil. She was born on 2-19 and turns 12191 days old the day of the Women's World Cup Final. Born 2-19-86

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