Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nipsey Hussle shot dead near his Marathon Clothing Store-310-919-New Jersey

Right away what sticks out is that Nipsey Hussle is shot outside his MARATHON Clothing store...He also has 2 Mixtapes involving Marathon. 
Marathon is 26 miles..
I talked about the Exorcism in Earling, Iowa in which the first famous exorcism happened. It was originally called Marathon, Iowa, but changed it's name because there was a town called Marthon, Iowa. The girl possessed came from Marathon Wisconsin...
The Girl possessed was "Emma Schmidt"=310(Jewish)

Also the first ever Marathon in the US was on 9/19 and held in Stamford, Connnecticut. 

I swear I just re-looked at this information on Friday because we had to drive through Earling to go to my girlfriends Dr. Appointment. She even later told me she has never seen the original "The Exorcist" film which is crazy. She's watched a ton of old scary films so I was surpised by this. I told her it was dumb though and she probably wouldn't like it and she never ended up watching it yet. 

Less Than a year after documenting about the exorcism we got the death of William Peter Blatty...then later that year(2017) we got the Chelsea Bombing that reminded us of the Boston Marathon at 666 Boylston Street(Finish line). 

Also Stamford Bridge is where the Soccer team "Chelsea" plays....WWE headquarted in Stamford. 
Probably why we recently had the Chelsea Manning story again. 
The Chelsea bomber who was from "Elizabeth, NJ" was caught on 9/19...
Zion=919(eng ext)
9/19 I've been saying since 2014 was important to Queen Elizabeth. 
Wrestlemania 35 coming up in New Jersey....Remember The Big Bang Theory/Jim Parsons was in the film The Garden State and proposed to Amy in New Jersey...Also the BRIDGEGate scandal...

He dies 137 days before his bday at age 33. 
The 33rd prime is 137. 
Ermias Asghedom=137

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