Monday, March 4, 2019

Missing Alabama Girls Mother is an Empath-Signs/Symbols/Frequency/Vibrations/Energy

I'm trying to figure out what this 11 year old girls bday was because I'm wondering if it's 4/1 which would be 31 days after she went missing. 13th prime is 41. 
Anyway I noticed that her mothers Facebook tells us that she is an Empath. I figured I'd look to see what that is. 

It's basically someone who can pick up on the energy around them. 
Notice how it even talks about everything having an energetic frequency and vibration. It also mentions how words("Hate" in the example) can create negative or positive energy. 
Think about what I have been saying forever in regards to this being understood by people ruling over us. 

This story seems to be pretty real in regards to this girl dying. They chose this story to be put in the mainstream media however for a certain reason along with all the other Alabama stories today. I mean once again, think of how many people/kids go missing everyday. Why is this story in the mainstream media and not a different one? 

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