Sunday, March 24, 2019

Death of Stoneman Douglas Survivor Sydney Aiello-Comment on my Asia Argento/Marilyn Manson video-310-JFK-Columbine-Brazil

First off, the picture above comes from her Go Fund Me Account. Notice how there is a heart with the word EVOL in it....which is backwards LOVE...think about that in regards to Valentines Day. 
She dies on the 17th day of March age 19...
Think about it...the 17 victims and countless other 17 that went along with this story. 
Dying age 19 is important because the 19th prime number is 67. 
Valentines=49, 67
She had Survivors Guilt from the death of her friend "Meadow Pollack"=67
Nikolas Cruz=67
He was the 19 year old shooter. 
Born 19 weeks after Majory Stoneman Douglas died 1 month and 7 days after her bday. 
She kills herself 6 months 7 days before Nikolas Cruz's bday as well. 

"Survivors Guilt"=146
Sydney Aiello=146

Meadow died 4 months 9 days after her bday? 
Meadow Jade Pollack=151=Valentines Day

Meadows father born on the 49th day of the year too. 

Sydney Aiello dies 49 days after her bday. 

She also dies 1 year 1 month 3 days after the Stoneman Douglas shooting. 
Stoneman Douglas High School=113

The date of March 17th also sticks out to me in regards to how XXXTentacion was connected with his album "17" coming out 173 days before the shooting. 
March 17th...17/3...

This story comes just days after we get the school shooting in Brazil=612=Valentine....Stoneman Douglas 612 days after the Pulse Nightclub shooting.....Remember how we got the story of Trump banning the Boeings on the same day as the Brazil shooting and the original name of Air Force One was Columbine II. "Columbine High School"=612.....Marilyn Manson was synced up like crazy to Stoneman Douglas and he was partially blamed for Columbine and even said it ruined his career. He said this in an article that came out on Nikolas Cruz's bday(9/24) He wrote the album Holy Wood in response to the accusations...That album has a song called "Valentines Day". Manson from the area near Stoneman Douglas...he got injured by the Giant Gun Prop and then came back on 11/5 and used a Gun on stage and a Gun Microphone. 

I even blogged about how Marilyn Manson was connected to Stoneman Douglas in my post about the Brazil Shooting a story of Stoneman Douglas. 
Remember Manson has the video about the JFK assassination and JFK died at PARKLAND Hospital. 

It's funny too as I just got this strange comment on my Manson/Asia Argento video the other day just saying "HI"? Notice the 1 Eye..
Ha and this is one of the 210's I was talking about. 
Zaeda Sterling=210
Zaeda=811(eng ext)
I checked it on my phone at work which is why I forgot about it. 
Looking at their channel however, it seems they are just foreign. I tried watching some of their videos but they are all in a different language...The first video is about Peru...

It sure does make ya wonder however that their name equals 210 and they comment "Hi" on a video I put out 210 days before. 
Asia Argento Marilyn Manson Blog Post

In that video/post a big thing I was talking about was the film that Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett were in...Notice this film came out on March 10th...310 in the US. 
Remember Asia Argento supposedly sexually abused Bennett and in this film Marilyn Manson has sex with Bennett's character as a little boy. 

Today we also got the death of a 2nd Stoneman Douglas person, but they haven't released the name yet. 
Interesting it's 17 and now 2 more from Suicide? 19? 

Coral Springs=151, 173
Valentines Day=151
Coral Springs Florid=810(eng ext)


  1. Believe I told you how Selassie was buried 310 days before 9/11. 11/5/2000. 11/5/2000 was also the 310th day of the year.

  2. Check this out man. Mork and Mindy premieried on September 14th the 257th day of the year. 55th prime. I was just looking at "Tennessee Volunteers" = 257 ordinal. Kicker is the show ended on 5/27/1982 the 45th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge opening. 45 the sum of the magic square of saturn. I was born with my Saturn at 257° of the ecliptic and the organic matrix hits me hard with 257 and 55. And damn you were talking about Robin Williams and the Moon. Mork has the same gematria as Moon. In the only cipher that incorporates the ampersand "Mork and Mindy" = 139 Jewish Ordinal the 34th triangular number.

  3. On July 21st the Sun is at 118° of the ecliptic.

  4. When the Moon was at its closest approach for the Super Moon accompanying Robin Williams death it was at 325° of the ecliptic. Sum of the Magic Square of Mars. In miles it was at a distance of 219139 miles. 8/11/2014 was Saturn's first full day at 227° and Mars at the time of the Moons greatest approach was still at 218°55'

  5. scratch that Moon at 326° for San Francisco which is part of the Jesus code. Anyways, I'll ease off. The most significant thing has to be the Saturn at 227

  6. One more thing. Robin Williams died 118 weeks before the 11/14/2016 Super Moon and biggest Super Moon in 69 years. It was 6 mos 24 days after Prince died and the 319th day of the year.

  7. Was thinking about the flight Peter Banning and his family had to take to get to London. of course this made me think of the Concorde. Last crash was July 25th 2000 exactly 224 months ago. July 25th like a 25/7... Baseball was pretty important to that movie too. He missed his son's little league game and he's banging his ball on the window in the plane and there's the game on the ship

  8. The 2-19-19 Super Moon was 118 weeks and 1 day after the 11/14/2016 Super Moon which was 118 weeks after the Robin Williams Super Moon. Remember the stuff with Manny Machado and Mandy Moore on 2-19.. 118 weeks and 1 day is 827 days. Acts 8:27 mentions the Ethiopian Eunuch. Selassie assassinated on 8/27. Sao Paulo plane crash at 8:27

  9. Third suicide today/ 3/25/ death of a father of Sandy Hook student.

  10. I can't remember if you or Derek mentioned May 22nd how it leaves 223 days in the year. Well May 22nd, 2019 is 666 months after the JFK assassination.

  11. In the Month that Kennedy was assassinated there was a blue super moon. Super Moons on November 1st and 30th
    So Bush Sr died 55 years after the Blue Super Moon inmediately following Kennedy's assassination

  12. Got a new lead. So the last emperor of Russia was buried July 17th 1998 which was 624 days after the Adoption of the Current ethiopian flag on Halloween 1996. What are the odds? I found it by looking into George Orwells Animal Farm which is about the 1917 Russian Revolution. "Animal Farm" = 218 Jewish

  13. And what are the odds of this? George Orwell published Animal Farm on August 17th 1945 exactly 325 months after Nicholas II the last Emperor of Russia died on July 17th 1918

  14. Selassie died 30 years 10 days after Nicholas. Sort of a 3-10


    Russia is helping Ethiopia obtaim nuclear power. They've been diplomatic allies since 1895.

  16. It was Russia who helped Ethiopia maintain their status as the only country in Africa to avoid colonization but Russia was also responsible for the overthrow of Haile Selassie

  17. I'm sorry man. It's my day off. I gotta tell ya though. More to the riddle. I just found out Glenn Close has an uncredited cameo in Hook and just saw her in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. I noticed the coach of the San Diego Padres is Glenn Hoffman!!

  18. he's the 3rd base coach. Manager is Andy Green and they have the same bday: July 7th

  19. Andrew Mulligan Green = 310 rev ord. They play the Mariners again tomorrow. Game starts at 3:10pm

  20. The Moonwalk = 522 Satanic. 5/22 666 months after JFK assassination. The Moonwalk = 1214 Jewish... All this school shooting horse shit

  21. check out the date on this video