Sunday, March 17, 2019

Joel Schumacher The Lost Boys-The Number 23-Batman Gematria

A guy to watch for or something connected is Joel Schumacher. I was looking at my old info and I realized he is the director of "The Lost Boys". He also did Batman Forever in which Batman figures out the Riddler(Jim Carrey) is using Gematria. Another film he did was "The Number 23" in which Jim Carrey uses Gematria and follows patterns just as I am doing. 
It's why the Doctors name is "Sirius" and the Dog "Ned" is so important to the film. The Doctor in Room 318 which is the God number according the show Touch with Kiefer Sutherland(Lost Boys). 
This has always made me wonder if it's part of the reason why I have been able to see these patterns that exist?  
Dan Behrendt=50, 95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Sirius=50(s) as well which is a number that is important to many of the big themes I've talked about...
Pink=50=Twins and so on..


  1. Dam, I'm a twin and I have twins and I've done some extensive work on Sirius especially around last years World Series. Sirius = 595 greek isopsephy. David Price = 595 eng ext. David = 95 rev ordina. Sirius = 95 of course and so does Halloween. Mac Miller died 595 days into Trump's presidency and so on.

  2. twins = 85 ordinal. 85 weeks = 595 days

  3. Hey, check this out. Fitzpatrick signs with Dolphins on St. Patricks day

  4. Article time of 3:10pm

  5. CNN had a video story of this. Grabbed the one from USAtoday cause fuck CNNs video player. Flintstones House. I know that's relevant to your work.

  6. 595 the 34th triangular. saw two 34s in the headlines today. I noticed a Bull theme with Durham North Carolina. of course there's Bull Durham but their flag is the Pleiades star cluster which is in Taurus. Taurus = 310 satanic. Uranus just entered Taurus this month. Bull Market = 34 reduced. Durham known as the Bull City.