Saturday, March 9, 2019

2019 Easter falls on Queen Elizabeth's 93rd birthday

It's interesting this year Easter falls on Queen Elizabeth's 93rd bday. 
Easter is about Jesus resurrection...
Jesus was supposedly crucified on the cross on the 93rd day of the year. 
Gods Son =93
The tell us the Son is 93 million miles away. 
Saturn=93(old testament god)

Elizabeth=155, 43
Jesus Christ=43
9/3 is the 43rd day. 


  1. 4/21 - 4(2 + 1=3)43

    4/3 (43) or April 3rd is the 93rd day of the year.

    The alleged Royals are impostors, placed there by the Catholic Church. They are 13 Bavarian Illuminati Bloodlines, the individuals that did the painting of that False Image Of Christ as an alleged White Man.

    "Ninety-Third Birthday"=127(Reverse Single Red.) 93 (9 x 3 = 27) 127 ( 1 x 27 =27)
    "Bavarian Illuminati"=127(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry"=127(Full Red.)
    "Buckingham Palace"=127(English Ordinal)
    "September 11th"=127(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Thelema"=127(Franc Baconis)