Monday, March 25, 2019

Synchronicity with Mary Poppins-My TV-Cheers/Woody Harrelson-310-810

The other day I talked about the Clay Matthews synchronicity at the bar I was Djing at. 
I mentioned the bar owners name equaling 310 in the video. 
I DJed on Friday night, but he told me to come up for the band that was playing on Saturday night. He even text me the next day telling me to come up to the bar. I couldn't go because Jasmine had to work and I had to watch Zamien, but I wanted to go. Anyway looking at that message again, I see that he sent it at 8:10pm haha. It's funny as my whole video was a lot to do with 8/10 and how the number 310 is related to it. 

Also today at work I had some hilarious synchronicity with Mary Poppins. 
People cash in lottery tickets and they are supposed to sign the back of the tickets before I can cash them in...I usually don't make them sign if I know who they are and I write random names on them and no one evers pays any attention just for fun. 
Today someone had a ticket and I wrote Mary Poppins for no reason explainable. It just came to my head and I wrote it. I put it in my pile of tickets and the next lady who walks in the store has a shirt on that says "SupercalifragilisticKISSMYASSAdocious"....
I'm not sure of the significance but I believe I know...
Kiss My Ass=135, 810(sumerian) and 810(Jewish)
Mary Poppins=135
Simpsons 166th episode Mary Poppins parody Title
I also saw that today is 190 days before Julie Andrews bday(Mary Poppins). 
Lion=190=King Charles=Pink
The lady I'm talking about in the above post is Maggie Roswell and she was born on Prince Charles bday...She was also in Pretty in Pink....
Molly topic but worth noting as I've been seeing that number a lot. 

I figured I'd look up Season 3 episode 10 of the Simpsons since they always seem to fit with what I am following. 
Interesting the episode does a parody of the tv show "Cheers". The synchronicity at the bar the other night was at the bar called "Cheers II". 
It's awesome as I know why this is important too. It's something to do with Woody Harrelson as last night before bed I watched "White Men Can't Jump". I even noticed the part where he's talking trash he says something about so many Bricks...what is this a Mason's convention? 

Just to show you that I typed White Men Can't Jump into the Gematrinator before All the other stuff tonight. I also started watching the film "US" but fell asleep like 10 minutes in. My girlfriend woke up at like 3am and asked if I wanted to watch it..never even heard of it, but looked alright. 
White Men Can't Jump has a lot of interesting things in it too. Such as his girlfriend wins on Jeopardy....then she leaves him for good and he finally Dunks the ball by beating "The King and The Duck". 

Woody Harrelson=186

Woody also born on the first day of Leo just like Haile Selassie....
I see Selassie died on 8/27 too which is the same day Mary Poppins came out...also the 239th day of the year...
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)
It's also the day Olivia Munn said was the Robot Takeover in reference to Terminator...which makes me think of the Golden Gate Bridge yet again from the Genisys movie. 
I know I just looked up something else that had to do with 827 the other day wondering how the 144th prime fit in but couldn't figure it out. 

I did get this at work today, but I know there was something else too. 

While writing this post up, I clicked on a random Wiki page I had loaded to double check 8/27 was the 239th day. My cat jumped on my lap and I pushed it off and set "Get Out of Here" and I was looking at the screen that said "Get Out". I laughed about it and then the TV said "Get out of Here" right after I laughed. 

Get out came out on 2/24 leaving 310 days in the year. 

This is the movie that said, "Get out of here". 
A play on the 40 year old Virgin..

The 40 year old Virgin came out on 8/11. 
The Age of Aquarius....I know Enterthe5t4rz compared this film to Jesus actually dying at 40 years ago too..just wondering with the connection to Haile Selassie. 
Age of Aquarius=210
San Francisco California=210

I wonder too if there is something about this meme I created years ago. I've probably only made about 5 of these ever and this is one of them. 
I made it 2022 days ago...
Woody Hairlesson=202
Dan Behrendt=202
222....August 10?

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