Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cyclone Idai and the devastion left behind-Bomb Cyclone-Iowa State Cyclones

A "Bomb Cyclone" that caused a massive blizzard and led to the flooding in Nebraska/Iowa...Now an actual Cyclone hitting Southern Africa? 
This makes me wonder about the Iowa State Cyclones who upset Kansas in the Big 12 Tournament. It doesn't mean they will win, but I'm guessing there is some type of narrative to see with them in the tournament. 
I documented about Iowa State back when Mollie Tibbetts went missing and then we got the story of the ISU golfer Celia being murdered. Molly CeCilia Tibbetts went to Iowa. 

It's interesting too in regards to tornadoes as ISU plays Ohio State to open the tournament in Oklahoma. Just thinking about Oklahoma and Kansas in regards to Tornadoes. 

A perfect name for a "Cyclone"=31
This Cyclone hit on March 15th yet I'm only seeing in on CNN headlines today? 

The country it hit was Mozambique which the government was originally formed on 3/1 as well. 

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  1. first thing I did this morning was check the weather on because I was called in last minute to run the mail. Top story was the Mozambique cyclone then I flipped over to your blog and boom you're on it.