Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pictures won't load on my blog or Youtube Tonight

Anyone else having trouble loading the pictures on this blog? I have to upload the same picture about 10 times before it actually will go into the blog. Then after it does when I try and view the blog post the picture won't load again. I've restarted my computer and tried a different browser and it still does it. It does it on some of the thumbnails on my Youtube as well. Also in my Gmail as well.  Not sure what the deal is. Maybe they are doing some work on Google? I was gonna make a video or 2 tonight and I want the stupid pictures to load so it creates the visual. 
It just doesn't make sense as it loads a few of the images, but the majority of them will not load no matter what I do. If I go to Zach's Blog also on Blogspot all the pictures load just fine too. 

1 comment:

  1. on my phone if i switch from the mobile version to the web version all the pictures load