Monday, March 4, 2019

Keith Flint Prodigy front man dead at 49-The film "The Prodigy" that came out in February

He dies age 49..
I went and saw this film a few weeks back called "The Prodigy". I remember telling my girlfriend I hadn't heard of it before and I only know the band named that. I then told her that I bet we will get a news story this year about one of the members dying. Here we are 24 days after it came out and 24 weeks after his bday. 

I'll look more at it when I get home from work, just wanted to document it really quick. 

The film is about a kid who is born the same time a serial killer dies on August 22nd. The serial killer reincarnates in the boys body and tries to take over his body is the whole plot of the film. I thought it was actually a terrible movie, but my girlfriend liked it....
Notice though the date in the film to today is 6 months 10 days. 

He dies on 3/4. 


  1. died 622 days after the rapper Prodigy. Islam said to begin in the year 622.

  2. Prodigy = 94 ordinal, 940 Jewish
    Riverdale = 94 ordinal, 940 Jewish
    94 days after Bush Sr died at the age of 94

  3. I think I figured this one out. Here's my complete decode:

    Luke Perry, Keith Flint and King Kong Bundy were all
    Uranus tributes. Yesterday was Uranus' last full day in Aries 94 days after Bush Sr. passed at the age of 94
    Uranus = 94 ordinal
    Prodigy = 94 ordinal
    Riverdale = 94 ordinal (Perry's last role)
    Uranus = 491 Greek Isopsephy 491 the 94th prime
    The last time Uranus changed signs was 3/11/2011 from Pisces(water) to Aries (fire). we had the Fukushima disaster that day which was a water related disaster. We're getting the fire theme with Prodigy's song Firestarter. (Flint) Luke Perry's wikipage features a photo from 1991 when he appeared in the film "Scorchers". Sirius = 595 greek isopsephy. 595 is the 34th triangular number. March 4th. Super Bowl on the 34th day of the year. Sirius means "Scorcher". The Sun was trine Sirius yesterday.

    There is a Mercury transit on 11/11/2019
    Luke has a daughter named Sophie similar to the gnostic's version of the divine feminine: Sophia. Hermes the Greek version of Mercury. "Sophia" = 94 rev ord, 218 jewish. "Hermes" = 94 rev ord, 218 jewish. 11/11/2019 is 218 months after 9/11/2001. if you do a google search for "Sophie Perry" you'll get a wikipedia page for a soccer player born 11/11/1986. She turns 33 the day of the Mercury transit.

  4. Another decoder feller informed me that 491 minutes is 8 hours 11 minutes