Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Stephen Hawking says There is no God in his Final Book-The Big Bang Theory-The Conners-Royal Family

Right away what stands out to me is this story and his Final Book came out 7 months 3 days(end date) after he died. 
Remember how his death was synced to the number 73 in regards to Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory? Also a huge "Pi" ritual. 
He died on the 73rd day of the year which is also Pi day(3/14). 
He got ALS age 21....21st prime is 73. 
He died 3 months 14 days after the last episode of the Big Bang Theory he was on. 
The first episode was titled "The Hawking Excitation"=314
Hawking also died 10 days before Jim Parson's bday which is why it was important that Roseanne came back for it's 10th season. All the 10 days before stuff that I've recently mentioned again. Remember it was synced to the film Stand By Me as well....then the Royal Wedding played the song Stand By Me. 
Think how the number 10 is important to "God" as well. 
Young Sheldon Meets the number 10 in his dream and finds out that it's actually Binary of 1 and 0. 
Stephen also means "Crown"
Death of Stephen Hawking-Pi-The Big Bang Theory-Roseanne

Final Book=158(reverse)
There is no God=59(rev red)
Seventy Three=59(rev red) and 158(reverse)
Remember Leonard even mentions how 73 is the Chuck Norris of numbers. 
Chuck Norris=158
Penny and Leonard got engaged on the 158th episode. Then 73 episodes later Sheldon and Amy got Engaged. 
Penny married on an episode that aired 73 days before her characters bday. 

Funny how in my video I talked about Stephen Hawking's Death being in connection to Roseanne making it's comeback. Now we get this story on the same day "The Conners" premiers. 

There is no God=139
Brief Answers to the Big Questions=139

It's also interesting that as I was listening to my old video about Hawkings death I was watching the Dodgers vs Brewers game. See my last post, but the game was all about MM and 13...Remember how the Big Bang Theory was synced to the Royal think about yesterday getting the story of the Royal Baby.....Meghan Markle...MM. 
In my video I mention how Sheldon even brings up the Dodgers. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=73

I wanted to look more at this post tonight, but I keep falling asleep. Hopefully check it out tomorrow. 

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