Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hulk Hogan Tweets that Bam Margera died on May 28th 2018-Philadelphia-Other Syncs and life events the last few days

I was scrolling through Facebook and someone posted a Tweet of Hulk Hogan back in May. He thought Bam Margera had died, but mixed him up with Ryan Dunn. It just sticks out to me considering I've talked a lot about Hulk Hogan and recently Bam Margera. Both are connected to Philadelphia. Remember Bam was connected to the death of Merle Haggard/Philadlephia/Trainwreck. 

Bam Margera=43, 65
Hulk Hogan=43, 
Terry Bollea=65(rev red)
Hulk was 65 years old when he tweeted this. 

Ryan Dunn died 52 days before Hulk Hogan's bday. 
Hulk Hogan=52(k)
Terry Bollea=52

I'm also interested that his tweet came 227 days before Bam left Rehab again. 
Recently I've mentioned a lot about 227 in regards to France. 

Link to old posts
Also 2 days ago there was a car accident on Hwy 30 that killed a kid I somewhat knew. I was reading the paper and it mentioned 2 other people involved. One of the survivors was a kid I documented about a few times. I had synchronicity with not seeing him for a long time and also a weird dream about him. 
Notice the last time I posted about him was on 2/27 though. I find this out just after posting a bunch about 227 and the French Revolution. 
 The kid who died had a bday of 6/6 which leaves 208 days in the year. (208 another number I've been seeing a lot). 
Both of the kids names equal "81" in rev red too. 

I also want to note that the reason I started talking about the French Revolution is because someone wanted to do a podcast with me and I saw they were fan of Napoleon. I'm not going into to detail but I don't think that podcast is happening anymore for reasons I don't want to explain at this time. It goes along with what I was talking about in regards to negative energy though, and maybe in time it will make sense enough to show why it's important in the narrative I have been following. I'm not saying they are a bad person either in case they read this post. I'm just saying it fits with the strange synchronicities I experience on the daily. 

Off topic too but another interesting thing was said to me today. My cousin Timmy came into the store today and said what's up Daniel Son/San. I told him that it's actually spelled San not Son like I think most people think. He then made a stupid joke about getting a meatball SANdwhich. No idea why, but it was funny as hell at the time. A few minutes later he told me he was at the auto shop in town and something strange happened to him. The auto shop is super cluttered but the guy who owns it knows where everything is. Anyway I guess he knocked over a big stack of papers and Timmy tried to catch them. The only paper he caught happened to be our grandma Murphy's Obituary. It's odd considering all the papers to catch, and the fact she died almost a year and a half ago. I wish he understood this as I'm sure there's something he is supposed to see with this, but I also think just him telling me this is important for me to think about it. 
She died 480 days ago on 9/24/2017. 
Dan Behrendt=480(Satanic)
It's also funny that this comes on Zamien's 1st bday. Remember how Zamien was connected to the death of Timmy's dad and my Grandma and in connection to the 624 stuff. 
What else sticks out is that Timmy's bday is 206 days before our grandma died.  Our grandma died 206 days before his dad died. 
A bunch of this stuff was synced up to August 10th as I'm just thinking...
Also today one of my moms sisters had to have surgery for her bowel cancer that hardly anyone knows about. 

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