Saturday, January 19, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins makes his return against the Clippers-Kobe Bryant-Rockets Achilles Narrative

Demarcus Cousins makes his comeback tonight against the Clippers. 
I love how the Warriors scored 112 points in this game considering the Cousins injury was all about the Rockets. 
The Clippers are interesting because when the Lakers were denied Chris Paul, he then went to the Clippers. Then the Lakers got Dwight Howard and Kobe tore his achilles(Just like Cousins). Then the Lakers went on to beat the Rockets to make the playoffs. Howard then left to the Rockets...then later Chris Paul went to the Rockets. Mike D'Antoni was the Lakers coach when Kobe tore his achilles and now the coach of the Rockets. Cousins first game as a Pelican was against the Rockets and tore his achilles against the Rockets. That same season the Pelican's played against the Rockets in China. The Rockets player wrote on the Great Wall...
Isaiah Thomas' sister "Chyna" who died was all about the "KING" symbolism where DeMarcus began his career. The Piston Isaih Thomas tore his achilles before the Rockets won the NBA Finals. Magic Johnson's last game was against the Rockets. 

The Clippers are also a perfect team for him to return against. is 1/18. 
Los Angeles Clippers=81
Demarcus Amir Cousins=81
He tore his achilles with 8.1 seconds on the clock. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=81....81 point game and so on..

Today also 207 days before Cousins' bday. 
Los Angeles Clippers=207

Better yet is that the Lakers next 2 games are against the Rockets and then against the Warriors. 

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  1. Yesterday I was watching the movie "The Pelican Brief" with Denzel WASHington and Julia Roberts. The movie is about Presidential/White House Political Campaign Corruption surrounding Oil Fracking and protecting this rare bird called the "Louisiana BROWN Pelican. In the movie the date August 1st (8/1, 81) was mentioned, in regards to filing a court appeal. Cousins was traded to the Warriors via the New Orleans Pelicans (Symbolism).
    "Mark Of The Beast"=81(Reverse Full Red.)