Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Co-Creator of "Rel" Kevin Barnett dies age 32-My post about Rel/Sinbad/Kiss in September

A few things stick out to me right away with this guy dying. Remember I had synchronicity with "Sinbad" and the show "Rel" back in September. In that post I also mentioned Kathy Bates and how she played "Queen Victoria" in a film. It sticks out because today 1/22 is the day Queen Victoria died 118 years ago. I put that post out 118 days before today. 

Also Lil Rel Howery is born the same day as Pope Francis and now this guy dies on 1/22..."Pope Francis"=122

In my previous post I also mentioned the CATman from Kiss and how it was synced up to Cleveland. Notice last episode of "Rel" to air was titled "Cleveland" too. 
Think about CATholic too. 

There has to be something important to him dying in Mexico too. 
Milton Howery=69
Thinking about Pope Francis visit to Mexico synced to the earthquake...
I'm sure there is a lot more but I have to go to bed early tonight. I've got pretty much zero sleep for days and I keep falling asleep reading about this guy. A ton of other stories I want to look at such as the Transgender Ban, Chris Brown


  1. "Bavarian"=32(Full Red.) as in "Bavarian Illuminati".
    "Kevin Barnett"=183(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Bavarian Illuminati"=183(Jewish Ordinal)

    A foreshadowing of something with the Comedian Bill Cosby? Which parallels the Psychological Programming and Public Ritual Shaming of R. Ke(ll)y and CHRISTopher MAURICE Brown aka "Chris Brown". The name "KEVIN BarNETT" is symbolic of the Comedian KEVIN Hart and NBA Player KEVIN MAURICE GarNETT.

    Also, Comedian/Actor Milton Howery was in the film "Get Out" and the Director/Comedian Jordan Peele has a new movie coming out on March 22nd (3/22, 322, 322 Skull & Bones).

    Bi(ll) Cosby is currently 81 yrs old and March 22nd is the 81st day of the year.

  2. Maybe random but Caroline Kennedy was in the news yesterday forna visit to Colombia South America for the Venezuelan migrant crisis which was on CNN today. Haven't checked to see if CNN mentioned her.


  3. so to clarify the article was about thd venuezuelan president. trump is about to recognize the opposition leader. And the fact that caroline kennedy was in the vicinity hasnt been mentioned in American media as far as I can tell